August Product Updates | Wrapbook

August Product Updates

31 August 2019 | The Wrapbook Team

Wrapbook now supports the creation of a digital timecards and smart W-9s, which are now automatically created and stored.

Production is hard. We thought these processes shouldn’t be, so now they aren’t.

Updates at-a-glance:

  • Digital time cards done right. Companies can now create weekly time cards that can be filled out by employees or producers. Built with a mutual approval process so cast, crew and production all stay in the know.
  • W-9s are reportable and easy to find.

Weekly Timecards

Weekly timecards can now be created, filled out, and processed entirely within Wrapbook.

Weekly Timecard Input in Wrapbook
Weekly Timecard Input in Wrapbook

Each day has 2 meal breaks as well as space for adjustments and meal penalties to be added.

Timecards can be created by either cast & crew with approval from a production admin or they can be independently created and entered by the production office to save cast and crew time.

Timecards in the week of August 18-24
Timecards in the week of August 18-24

Timecards are organized by the week in which the work is performed, so finding old timecards is incredibly easy — more importantly, running payroll for an entire week with Wrapbook takes minutes.

Timecard view screen
Timecard view screen

W-9s for everyone

In order to pay people on your production, you need to know their tax payer information - which is why every production has their cast & crew fill out a W9.

Wrapbook collects your W-9s, having your whole cast and crew fill one out digitally & attest that the information inputted is correct automatically.

You can now retrieve them in the reports section - for employees, you can also see their digital W4 there as well.

Digital W-9s & W4s that you can download for everyone
Digital W-9s & W4s that you can download for everyone

Check back next month

For our next rollout of product improvements.

If you have any questions about these product updates or want to suggest some updates, please email us at

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