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The Best Alternative to Film Emporium

12 November 2019

Meet Wrapbook: The Best Alternative to Film Emporium

Looking for a powerful alternative to Film Emporium? Then look no further than Wrapbook, an insurance provider and payroll company that makes covering your next shoot easy and affordable.

1. Payroll + Insurance

In order to run a shoot, you typically need two things: production insurance to protect yourself from fault and a payroll company to keep yourself compliant with the law.

Besides making onboarding and cutting checks easy, using a payroll company is often required when working with unions like SAG.

While Film Emporium can take care of the former, you’re out on your own to find a payroll company.

Wrapbook provides both services under one roof. In addition to providing lowest cost insurance to you, Wrapbook’s interface allows you to track timesheets and expenses, run your payroll in real time, and onboard your entire production digitally.

Easily track who hasn't submitted their start paperwork so you know who to text passive aggressively.
Easily track who hasn't submitted their start paperwork so you know who to text passive aggressively.

Drawing from the latest tax codes, Wrapbook calculates employer taxes automatically and provides worker’s comp insurance, which most insurance agencies do not.

These in tandem make Wrapbook one of the best film insurance agencies.

What is Film Emporium?

Read a Film Emporium review and you’ll see why they’re one of the best film insurance agencies. Since 1995, Film Emporium Entertainment Insurance Brokers has provided both annual and short term production insurance.

Based in New York, Film Emporium offers a host of film and television production insurance, including equipment rental insurance.

2. 100% Customizable

You shouldn’t have to pay for things you don’t use. And your insurance policy shouldn’t be any different.

Whether you choose Film Emporium or Wrapbook, at the end of the day, all film insurance agencies are just re-packaging the same policies from the same parent companies.

Wrapbook ensures you get the most coverage for the lowest cost to you. By giving us the details of your shoot on our intuitive quote builder, our insurance agents carefully craft a policy custom made to your shoot.

Using Wrapbook's inuitive quote builder, you build a policy that only encompasses what you need.
Using Wrapbook's inuitive quote builder, you build a policy that only encompasses what you need.

Stop paying for policies you don’t need on your shoot, so you can put more of your budget into your project. Only pay for what you need.

In order to best serve you, we offer short term production insurance, annual DICE policies, and film equipment insurance. All of which are fully customizable.

3. 24/7 Certificates of Insurance

In the film industry, things move a mile a minute at the last minute.

In order to secure locations or rent equipment, you’ll need to show a certificate of insurance (CIO) to prove you’re covered.

Both Film Emporium and Wrapbook allow you to spin up CIOs in an instant. Using a web-portal with Wrapbook, you can always load your certificates of insurance whenever you like.

No more calling your insurance agent and waiting for them to fax you a COI.

4. Union Compliant

Wrapbook keeps up with every union regulation. Let one of our insurance agents know what unions you’re working with and we’ll spin up an insurance policy that keeps you compliant – at the lowest cost to you.

In tandem with our payroll solutions, it’s possible to make your entire production union-ready with just a few clicks.

Wrapbook can package unique insurance policies to support:

5. Free Quote & Consultation

Whether you’re looking to change your annual DICE policy or buying production insurance for the first time, Wrapbook is there every step of the way.

By filling out our simple quote builder, you’ll be put in touch with one of our insurance specialists who can then walk you through a specialized policy for your next production.

Wrapbook is the Best Alternative to Film Emporium…

Because it’s tailored exclusively to film and television production. Combined with Wrapbook’s payroll platform, you can go from script to production in a few clicks.

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