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20 September 2019

Wrapbook vs

Wrapbook is the leading entertainment payroll software, tailored to your production’s needs unlike

When a production wraps, everyone on set is wondering when they’re going to get paid. Meanwhile, everyone in the production office is wondering where they put the DP’s W4.

Stacking and Wrapbook side by side, it’s clear Wrapbook makes television and film payroll as painless as possible.

1. Made exclusively for film, television, and commercials

Whether you’re producing a low budget indie or juggling multiple productions at once, staying on top of entertainment payroll can be a gargantuan task – especially when it comes to hunting down forms.

It’s easy to lose track of your invoices on, since it doesn’t bucket your forms by production. Plus, they don’t offer timesheets.

Unlike, Wrapbook is made exclusively for film, television, and commercials.
Unlike, Wrapbook is made exclusively for film, television, and commercials.

Fact: Sorting out your invoices in is arduous and the quickest way to drive your assistant to mad.

Wrapbook understands the nuances of each of your production’s payrolls, separating your productions and forms for you so you never get lost. Never struggle to find a W4, I-9, timesheet, or receipt again.

Invoices are broken down by production in Wrapbook
Invoices are broken down by production in Wrapbook

Wrapbook neatly keeps your invoices and expenses grouped by your production.

With the click of a button, you can pull view statistics on a specific production and reports to send off to your accountant.

What is

A web app, allows vendor, employeers, and freelancers a way to submit invoices and pay out quickly without having to go through a payroll company. While great for small businesses, simply doesn’t offer the robust functionality and features that Wrapbook offers for video production payroll.

2. Automatically calculates film payroll taxes

Your production company is based in Los Angeles, but you’re shooting in Georgia, and your actors are based in Texas and SAG-AFTRA. How exactly do the taxes on that work on that?

While is a great way to quickly collect invoices and send out money, it doesn’t take into account the regulations your production has to follow to be compliant with Uncle Sam and various guilds.

Wrapbook calculates employer taxes automatically, so you know exactly when and what to withhold when your film crew joins your production.

Not to mention, Wrapbook automatically includes workers compensation insurance.

3. Onboard crew in a jiffy

Finding the perfect artist to work on your production is hard. Getting their paperwork in order shouldn’t be.

Wrapbook is made for entertainment payroll, so it automatically collects forms from your crew and actors when they join your production on the app. Easily track who hasn’t submitted their forms so you know who to text passive aggressively.

Since so many very different businesses use, it’s not calibrated to grab all the specific entertainment payroll forms you need upfront, which can make for plenty of headaches and stress eating.

Track all your crew that are onboarding with Wrapbook
Track all your crew that are onboarding with Wrapbook

In Wrapbook, you can easily see who’s onboarded in your production dashboard.

4. Easily set day rates and timecards

The bane of a producer’s existence is tracking down invoices and timesheets so they can close out the production. makes sorting through production finances even harder, as it treats all invoices the same – leaving it up to you to sort out withholdings, day rates, and hours.

Unlike Bill.dom, Wrapbook has timesheets built in, making submitting hours painless for crew members and easy for producers to navigate long after your project has wrapped.

With Wrapbook, inputting hours is a matter of logging into the app, answering a two questions, and that’s it. The app does the heavy lifting, automatically calculating what’s owed based on the crew member’s predetermined rate you and tax information.

5. Union approved

Working with unionized talent?

Wrapbook keeps up with every regulation, so you’re never behind. When you enter your crew members’ respective guilds, the app calculates wages and remitting their pension and health to them.

Wrapbook submits pension and health to following guilds:

6. Wrapbook is free to get started

While you have to pay monthly for, it’s absolutely free to sign up for Wrapbook until you process a payment.

Set up your production, collect timesheets, add everyone on your team, get everything just the way you like.

Wrapbook only charges a fraction of a percent when you finally cut the checks or pay them via direct deposit.

Click here to sign up free.

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