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Stop Chasing
Contractors and Vendors

Make your payments to your freelancers, contractors, and vendors an easy process with Wrapbook.

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Wrapbook Entertainment Payroll: Payments for Contractors and Freelancers Film Production
Never Forget a Form

Onboard contractors quickly

Get contractors ready to work in minutes - as Wrapbook automatically collects W9s, signed forms, and all direct deposit information up front.

With Direct Deposit, you can pay them in seconds.

Wrapbook Entertainment Payroll: Onboard Contractors Quickly
Always Up to date

Stay compliant and avoid penalties

Wrapbook captures W-9s when onboarding your crew, and maintains up-to-date tax information.

Payments made through Wrapbook are reported on 1099s and automatically sent out when production wraps, keeping both you and the IRS headache-free.

Wrapbook Entertainment Payroll: Stay Compliant and Avoid Penalties
Modern Accounts Payable

Send secure, digital payments

Processing payments in Wrapbook takes seconds, whether you’re paying two contractors or two thousand.

Track the payments status and their alerts in real-time.

Wrapbook Entertainment Payroll: Modern Accounts Payable For Entertainment