Linking Your Bank

Once you’ve set up your production company, it’s time to add your payroll funding method. While this is most commonly a bank, if you need to make other arrangements, contact you paymaster.

In order to link your business bank, click on “Company Settings.” Under Company Settings, you’ll find an empty line for Bank Account information. Click “Add.”

From there, you’ll be prompted to instantly link your bank.

By clicking “Instant Link,” a new window will pop up where you can enter your bank’s name. Once you’ve selected your bank, enter your routing number and account information to finish the process. This way, payments can be sent securely and quickly to everyone on your payroll.

Once you’ve set up your payroll funding, you’re ready to process payments (assuming your crew has onboarded).

Can’t Find Your Bank?

If you have issues linking your bank account, you can fund your payrolls through bank wire transfers. Just let your paymaster know, and they will provide bank wire instructions to you. If you have any issues linking your bank account, please message