Onboarding Employees

Once you’ve set up your project, the next thing you’ll want to do is invite your cast and crew to Wrapbook. This will allow us to pay them on your behalf and collect their tax information so we can handle tax forms for you.

At least a week before production begins, you need to onboard your cast and crew through Wrapbook.

Adding Someone to Your Production

To onboard people, click “People,” just under your project’s name. This will bring up a list of everyone involved in a production with their onboarding status. Click “+ Add position” in the top right to add someone new to your production.

From there, you’ll be prompted to tell us a little about the employee you’ll be hiring. Let us know the role this person will be playing on your shoot, their email, name, and worker type.

If you’re going to pay your employees a lump sum of money, you don’t need to click “This Person Is Required to Log Their Time.”

But if you’re working with talent that will need to log their time and submit timesheets, then click the box. A new dropdown box will appear, where you can enter the talent’s rate, hourly structure, and overtime information.

You’ll then be prompted to write a welcome message to your employee. All of this information will then be set to your employee to accept, so they can set up a Wrapbook account.

While we will email your employees step-by-step guides for onboarding, we recommend sending a welcome message like this:

Sample Invite Message


We’re using Wrapbook for payroll on the the production this weekend. Please find all the instructions to onboard in this email, so you can be paid for your work.

To be paid please do the following ASAP:

  • 1. Click on “ACCEPT IN THIS EMAIL.” This will bring you to Wrapbook.

  • 2. On Wrapbook, accept to the terms of your employment, and create an account.

  • 3. Enter in your tax witholding information and/or loan-out company.

  • 4. Chose your payment method.

After the shoot, be sure to log back into Wrapbook. There you can submit a timesheet for your work performed and submit any expenses with receipts.

Many thanks!


Accepting the Onboarding Email

Once you’ve added someone to your production, they’ll receive an email with your invite message, along with instructions on how to set up their account.

They can create their Wrapbook account using either their mobile phone or desktop computer. Onboarding should be done well before they arrive on set. Easily check employee’s onboarding status on under People.

Onboarding Outside of Wrapbook

If you’re onboarding someone on your production who can’t access Wrapbook, you can manually enter their information by placing their standard start up paperwork into the Documents section on your dashboard.

Be sure to notify your paymaster via email so they can enter the paperwork into the system.