Employee Set Up | Wrapbook

Getting Started

On typical a production, you email your invoice to producer and hope a check arrives before the rent is due. Wrapbook allows you to submit timesheets, invoices, and expenses in one intuitive app. And better yet, it allows you track payments in real time.

Getting invited to join Wrapbook

Once you’ve been hired, your producer will invite you to join Wrapbook through an email invite.

A typical invitation email will look like this:

Containing your rate, position, and a message from the producer, this is will be your first point of entry for a project. Click “View Details” to see the terms of the details on Wrapbook and onboard to a project.


Once you click “View Details,” you’ll be taken to a portal where you can view the terms of your employment on the project.

1. Accept Terms

Carefully review the terms of your employment, and if everything looks in order, click “Agree to Terms.” If something looks wrong, click “Reject Terms,” which will allow to submit a reason to your producer.

2. Create a Wrapbook account

Once you agree, you’ll be prompted to create a Wrapbook account. In order to do this, you need to provide your legal first and last name, along with your email address. Click “Sign Up” to finalize it.

3. Confirm email address

Like most online accounts, you’ll be sent an email to confirm your profile. Find the email from Wrapbook in your inbox and verify your account.

4. Get set up to be paid

Once you’ve confirmed your account, you’ll be taken to your Wrapbook dashboard where you can enter your account information.

Complete Your Profile

Here, you can select your guild (if applicable) and had a headshot, so your production company can find you more easily in their database.

Set Up Your Method of Payment

Choose how you want to be paid by the production company. You can either elect for a physical mailed check, or link your bank account. We strongly suggest you link your bank, as this will enable direct deposit – easily link your bank automatically by entering your routing number.

If you have an agent who you would rather get the check directly, simply select check and then enter their details accordingly. The check will be mailed to them, however it will still carry your name so we reccomend you have an agency check authorization form on file with your agent. This will allow them to cash a check in your name.

Also, if you are a SAG actor, currently SAG only allows for payment via check. You will not be able to receive direct deposit.

Add Your Tax Information

Enter your tax information that way Wrapbook can send you tax forms come tax season. Simply select the type of employee you are (1099, W2). If you have a loan-out company who wishes to be paid via EIN, you can select that option and add your information there.

Input Your Tax Withholding

Select the amount of money you wish to withhold, depending on how you’ll be paid. If you’re a freelancer, for instance, you might select zero withholding as you take on your own tax burden.