Getting Paid

Your project administer will choose how you will get paid when onboarding a project. Either you will submit invoices or timecards to the production, or they will pay you a lump sump based on contract.

Requesting Payment For Work

In order to log hours, click “Request Payment For Work.” If you’re being paid on an hourly rate, you can enter your hours worked for the day onset. Your total number will be calculated based on your guild information along with your rate determined when you were onboarded.

If you’re not paid hourly, you can enter the amount owed into the app directly. Use the description space to explain what work this covers, and attach any documents as you see fit.

Getting Reimbursed

Click on “Request Reimbursement For An Expense,” to submit a receipt for reimbursement. Structured like the Request Payment For Work page, you can simply enter the amount you need to reimbursed for along with a description. You need to attach a picture of the receipt for invoices more than $75 dollars.

Tracking Payments

Track your payments at any time by clicking “Your Requests.” You can easily see the status of your payment’s approval, and once it’s been approved the status of the payment.