Running Payroll | Wrapbook

Running Payroll on Wrapbook

Wrapbook makes the payroll process seamless for you by following the steps below:

Payroll Timeline

Please follow the following steps to ensure your payroll runs smoothly.

1. Create your project

Create your project ideally 1 week before anyone will be paid. Please fill in information about your project - like the start and end dates, union identification information and any risky situations that may be involved.

2. Invite Employees

Invite your employees to your project to fill in their payment information. As a part of this, you can also define their rates which will be communicated to them in the invite email.

3. Help employees to create their payment profile

Track the progress of the invites you sent and see to it that everyone onboards to your project. If someone has not on-boarded you will see two red Xs next to their names. Once they on-board those Xs will change to green checkmarks. To stay compliant, everyone will need to on-board before getting paid.

4. Receive payment requests

Once your employees have profiles on your project, they can request payment for work performed and reimbursement for expenses like kit-fees. You will receive an email notification each time a payment request happens, and see the requests populate the requests tab on the left hand side.

Having people log their hours or directly request payment for work is the preferred method most companies use on Wrapbook.

You also have the option of directly entering gross wages for your talent or having your Wrapbook paymaster do this for you, this is sometimes preferred for unionized talent who are not as accustomed to logging their wages themselves.

5. Approve/Decline payment requests

As payment requests & time-sheets are submitted, review them in the Requests tab on the project you are working in. You can click through to view their details and any attached receipt or other documentation to prove the gross wages.

Approve the ones that you agree with by checking them off in the tab, scrolling to the bottom and clicking Approve Checked. For the ones that are inaccurate, decline them and provide a reason for why they were declined. This will relay the reason to the submitter so that they can adjust appropriately.

Each time you approve a payment request, the payment item will be added to the queue of items to be paid via payroll in the Run Payroll tab.

6. Add gross wages & reimbursements for anything missing

If any of your employees hasn’t filled a request for payment, you can also add gross wages and reimbursements directly for them. Click on the Log Work or Add Reimbursement as appropriate to fill in any missing items.

Please note that you will only be able to select the people on your project who have completed signing up for Wrapbook and specifying their payment details.

7. Run payroll

To run your payroll:

  1. Ensure you have approved all requests for payment for this payroll into the Run Payroll tab
  2. Check off the items you wish to pay, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Go To Review
  3. Click Calculate Taxes - this will have Wrapbook calculate employer taxes, union dues, workers compensation insurance, and all other fringes.
  4. You will then receive an email notification when your payroll preview is ready to review. Once you have reviewed it, proceed to Fund Payroll
  5. Press Debit Bank Account to approve the debit of your company bank account for the payroll and to submit the payroll for processing.
  • If you have not linked your bank account prior to this step, you will be prompted to add it at this time. Alternatively, you can also wire the funds. If you wish to do this, please contact us at for instructions.

8. Payments sent

At this point, funds will be transferred from your account and dispersed to your employees. Employees paid via direct deposit, usually receive their payments in 2-4 business days, while those paid via check usually receive their payments in 7 business days.

A precise ETA for each employee’s receipt of funds can be viewed in Report -> Payments and Paystubs area.

9. Repeat

Please repeat the payroll process as often as you like.