SAG-AFTRA Payroll Nuances

Paying SAG-AFTRA members comes with its own set of rules you have to follow, which is why we put together this checklist.

Work Weeks

Unionized talent and crew have to get paid on weekly payroll cycles for their work.

SAG-AFTRA work weeks run Sunday to Saturday, with talent needing to be paid for all work the week after it is performed. This can put a time-crunch on you to ensure that timelines are met accordingly.

  • Sunday: Ensure everyone is set up. This includes - making sure everyone you are paying has been on-boarded to Wrapbook & your company bank account is linked to pay people.

  • Monday: Add all union paperwork to the documents folder. Add in gross wages or have your paymaster added for you.

  • Tuesday: Payroll preview is generated. Confirm the preview by Tuesday at 10PM EST. Send payment for the payroll.

  • Wednesday: Funds are received and sent to tax withholding agencies.

  • Thursday: Direct deposits are made, checks are sent out, and unions receive their payroll reports.

Financial Details

If your paymaster will be calculating timesheets for you, they will provide you with a spreadsheet to input the financial terms of all the talent you are working with.

Please fill it in with all talent name, loan-out information, agent fees, day rate and minimum guaranteed hours.

Agent Fees

Wrapbook collects agent fees (10%) as a part of the payroll cycle. Please tell your payments if your talent has agent fees so we can calculate it.

Pension and Health

Wrapbook collects SAG-AFTRA pension and health when paying its members, and remits it to SAG-AFTRA benefits.

Your project intake information is used to collect the right percentage of their gross wages in order to remit it to SAG-AFTRA and report it accordingly.

Adding Offline Talent To Wrapbook

While Wrapbook makes collecting employee’s payment information and tax documents painless and digital, sometimes talent will prefer to work with paper documents instead.

Usually represented by an agent or manager, this talent will have to be manually inputed to Wrapbook. To do this, collect their W4, W9 and I9, scan each and upload each to the documents tab.

Notify your paymaster via email once you’ve uploaded their documents.