Joining a Project

Last Update:
December 15, 2022

Joining a project

First, the production company will send an email inviting you to join their project. This email will include your rate, position, start date, end date, project location, and worker classification.

Click Join Project. Once you click Join Project, you will be asked to Accept Invitation.

Wrapbook profile

Once you accept the invitation, you'll be guided through the process of setting up your Wrapbook profile (Or, if you already have a Wrapbook profile, you can simply sign in). An email will be sent to your inbox to confirming your profile. Simply click verify your account to make your Wrapbook profile official!

Click to verify your account via that email, and you may continue entering your onboarding information.

Get Set Up

Complete the task list to get your tax and payment details set up. You'll only need to do this once: as you go from job to job, your Wrapbook profile stays with you, making onboarding faster for your next project.

Note: Depending on the type of project, project location, work location, worker classification, etc. you may be asked to complete additional onboarding forms.

  1. ADD YOUR PERSONAL TAX INFORMATION: Enter your name, SSN, and DOB along with contact information. Opt in to electronic tax forms.
  2. ADD TAX WITHHOLDING INFORMATION: Enter your tax withholding information. This allows Wrapbook to send you tax forms during tax season.
  3. SET UP YOUR METHOD OF PAYMENT: Choose how you want to be paid, either via physical mailed check or direct deposit. You can link your bank account using Plaid, or add your account information manually. We strongly recommend linking your bank acccount for direct deposit payments. Linking your bank account is easy, secure and gets you paid faster! You can generally expect to be paid within 2-4 business days via direct deposit and within 5-7 business days via check.
  4. FILL OUT YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION (OPTIONAL): Securely and anonymously contribute basic demographic information as a means to support inclusivity. Disclosure of this information will not affect the opportunity for employment, nor the terms and conditions of employment. This information may, in an aggregated, non- identified format, be included in reports to specific interested parties for individual jobs (e.g. Advertisers, Advertising agencies) and may be used in longer-term trending reports. We’re committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and all data gathered will be held in accordance with the Wrapbook Privacy Policy.