Employee UI

Last Update:
November 25, 2020

Once you set up an account and onboard onto a project, you can easily track your requests and payments on your Wrapbook account. To navigate this, you’ll use the column of sections on the left-hand side.

Each of these sections allows you to track payments from the production company. While not on your dashboard, you’ll notice the two buttons on top your employee homepage enable you to submit timesheets and request reimbursements.

Project Name

Above your list of icons, you’ll see the name of the project you’re viewing your payments for. In the image above, the project name is “The Police Music Video.”

If you’re working on multiple shoots using Wrapbook, you can easily change the project you’re viewing by clicking “All Projects,” and then clicking the name of the project you want to view.

Your Requests

Marked with an icon of a list, “Your Requests” is where you should go to track the status of your payment requests.

Whether you’ve submitted an invoice or a timesheet, you’ll see everything neatly organized on the Requests page. Under “Status,” you can see whether if you’ve created a draft, submitted it, or gotten paid by your employer. This is a great place to check if you haven’t gotten your check yet.

To learn more about your payment request, click “View.” Payment requests that been received and filled are noted with a green “Completed” sign.


By clicking on “Documents,” you can view documents shared by your project’s producers with you. Producers often use this section to share callsheets, scripts, and other information the cast and crew will need to shoot.

All Projects

Working on more than one project using Wrapbook? In order to change out your project and view your documents, requests, and submit invoices, click on “All Projects.”

You’ll be directed to this page, where you can see all the active productions you’re a member of. Once you’ve wrapped a production, it’s archived. However, you can easily pull up old invoices and documents by clicking “Archived Project,” where you can access past projects.


By clicking “Payments,” you can access a list of all the payments made to you from each production you’ve been a part of on Wrapbook. If you’ve received multiple payments from one production, you’ll see that number under “Items.”

In order to expand your payments, click “View.” Here, you can see a breakdown of what you were paid, what was paid in taxes, and where the payment was sent to. Clicking “Download PDF,” will generate this same information, but in a PDF for easier sending to your accountant.

Tax Documents

This is a list of all your tax documents including W4s, W9s, and your end of year W2. Clicking “View,” will pull up what Wrapbook has on file for you.


Here you can adjust your personal settings – change your profile, guild affiliation, contact info, and banking information.