Submitting Timecards and Expenses & Reimbursements

Last Update:
December 15, 2022

Once onboarding is completed, you'll be able to receive payment through Wrapbook.

Click All Projects and select the correct project by clicking View Project.

Wrapbook provides 3 different payment requests: Timecards, Invoices, or Expenses & Reimbursements.

Submitting a timecard

  1. Click All Projects
  2. Click into the project you are submitting a timecard for by clicking View Project.
  3. Click Timecard
  • Select the week using the Week drop-down.
  • Click the + sign next to the day you wish to edit.
  • Enter the time you came in, the time clocked out to go on break, the time clocked back into production from that break, and the time you left for the day. If your meal period occurred before the start time or after the end time, please leave meal times blank.
  • If there are multiple rates, select the Rate drop-down menu to select the correct rate for the day.
  • If there are multiple locations, select the location associated with each timecard entry.

Certify the information is true to the best of your knowledge and click Save and Review. Review the information to ensure everything looks correct. When ready, click Submit for approval and processing to the production company.

If you need to edit, click Edit. To delete and re-enter, click Delete.

Submitting an invoice

If you receive payment via invoice, you may send an invoice submission through the All Projects page.

Click into the project you are submitting a timecard for by clicking View Project. This will show the option to. Once clicking Invoice, there is the option to enter invoice details.

  • Enter the date of the work performed. If the work was performed over multiple days, select the date of the last day.
  • Check or uncheck the box indicating if the invoice is for time worked. If for time worked, enter in the number of hours you worked. If it is not for time worked, you may skip this step
  • Enter the total Invoice Amount.
  • If you have a pre-written invoice, you may attach under the attachments section.

Submitting a kit/box fee, mileage, COVID stipend or other expense

For a kit/box fee:

  1. Select Kit/Box Fee
  2. Enter the date of the expense and the amount
  3. List the kit items
  4. Feel free to also attach a receipt
Note: The IRS requires an itemized inventory list. Wrapbook includes an inventory text box section to record this information. If you have a form of documentation (digital or physical), you may upload the film in the additional attachments section. If you don’t have documentation or prefer using the text box, enter your itemized list in the provided inventory area.

For mileage:

  1. Select Mileage
  2. Select the date of the expense
  3. Enter in the number of miles (Wrapbook will automatically calculate the total reimbursement amount using the IRS mileage rates for the current tax year)
  4. Attach a mileage log
Note: The IRS requires a record of odometer readings. This log can be a digital document or spreadsheet, but documentation can be as simple as a written record on notebook paper. Documentation must include the odometer reading at the start of the trip, during each time you stop, and then the reading at the end of your trip. Mileage claims must match the numbers provided on your odometer log.

For a COVID stipend:

  1. Select COVID stipend
  2. Select the date of the expense
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Add any additional notes about this expense

For any other related expenses (non-taxable payments and per diems):

  1. Click Other
  2. Select the date of the expense
  3. Enter in the amount and any additional notes about this expense