Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Last Update:
April 19, 2023

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for your Wrapbook Profile

1. From the left sidebar, click on your name followed by Account Details.

2. Under Privacy & Security > Two-Factor Authentication, click Enable.

3. Follow the instructions by scanning the QR code with an app like Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, or Google Authenticator. 

After scanning the barcode image, the app will display a six-digit code.

Enter the code under step two, then click Enable.

How to enable two-factor authentication in Wrapbook

Note: When switching devices, be sure to Disable Two-Factor Authentication before you lose access to the old device. If you lose access to the 2FA device, you can contact support to have your 2FA reset. 

Secure Access Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Wrapbook's simple and secure authentication options provide an extra of security when accessing pages containing sensitive information.

You will be asked to confirm your identity when accessing Account Details, Settings, and Company Settings.

  • All users will be required to authenticate when accessing Account Details via web and mobile app.
  • Workers will be required to authenticate when accessing Settings and Tax Documents on a project via web or mobile app.
  • Company users will be asked to authenticate when editing specific pages within Company Settings, including Tax Settings, Bank Account, Administrators, and Two-Factor Authentication.

How do I confirm my identity?

Check the email address listed under "Verification Method," then click Next.

You will receive an email from Wrapbook with a 6-digit code. Enter it into the security code field and click Submit.

Setting up two-factor authentication in Wrapbook

Entered the code incorrectly? Don't worry! You can try again (up to ten times). If you need a new code, simply click "Resend code".

Note: If you have turned on 2FA, you will be prompted to enter the 6-digit code from authenticator. 

Oh no! I am unable to verify my identity.

Your account may become locked if you exceed the maximum number of invalid attempts to enter the code. When your account is locked, you will be unable to view or edit pages containing account information.

If this happens or if you no longer have access to your primary email, please reach out to

Contact Wrapbook Support if you are unable to set up two-factor authentication

Any time changes are made to pages containing sensitive information, you will receive an email notifying you of the change.

Note: As a worker on a project, if you or your production company has enabled 2FA upon login, you will not be required to re-authenticate when accessing specific pages.

Requiring 2FA for your Company

To increase the security of your company and worker data, we highly recommend requiring Two-Factor Authentication for all company users and project workers.

To require 2FA for your company:

  • Navigate to the Company page
  • From the left sidebar, click Company Settings
  • Under Users>Two-Factor Authentication, click Edit.
  • Select Yes to require Two-Factor Authentication for all company users of the company and for all project workers of the company

These settings can be adjusted at any time, and if enabled, workers will be prompted to enroll in 2FA the next time they log in (or navigate to a new page if they were logged in at the time).

Require two-factor authentication for your users