Past Payroll

Last Update:
November 25, 2020

Past Payroll is a log of all the payroll performed by your production company. For each payroll you ran, you can view its status, creation date, corresponding project, number of people paid, tax amount, and total. This report can be accessed for a payroll as soon as it’s submitted even if it hasn’t yet been fully funded.

For each payroll you ran, you can view:

Status: Whether your payroll has been submitted, is being processed by Wrapbook, or has been funded.

Creation Date: This corresponds to the date the payroll was created.

Project: This is the project you ran payroll on. You can run payroll multiple times on the same project.

Number of People Paid: This is the number of people who received funds from a payroll.

Tax Amount: The employer taxes paid for the payroll.

Total: This is the total you paid in payroll.

To view the details of each payment, click view for a breakdown of the taxes paid an en ETA of the when the funds will be received by the payment recipient.