Payment Flow

Last Update:
December 4, 2020

The days of circling through email chains for PDF invoices are over thanks to Wrapbook’s easy payment interface. Accepting and then sending funds to cast and crew is inuitive as it is painless thanks to our software.

1. Approving Requests

Once your employees have onboarded and submitted their payment request, you’ll see it appear under Requests in Submitted.

To get a better look at your cast and crew’s invoices, click “View” on the right side. This will show you the full details on your payment request. Beneath each invoice, you’ll see three options to chose from: Approve, Decline, and Edit.

Clicking “Approve,” will push your invoice into pending payroll. If something looks wrong, click “Decline.” You’ll be shown a box where you can write a message to your employee as to what’s wrong. Using “Edit,” you can manually change the invoice yourself.

2. Run payroll

By clicking on “Run Payroll,” you’ll see a list of all the invoices, timesheets, and expenses you approved. Individually select which requests you want to pay out in this payroll, or select all to pay them all.

Once you’ve selected the requests you’re going to fund at this time, click “Continue to Review.” Wrapbook will automatically detect whether you need our paymaster to calculate taxes for you. In that case, click “Calculate Taxes.” Wrapbook will send you an email, when your payroll is ready to run.

Once your payroll is ready to go, you’ll be brought to the Fund Payroll page, where you can authorize the payment from your bank. You’ll be taken to a final page, where Wrapbook will let you know the payroll has been complete.

3. Filed automatically

While your funds are sent on their way, this payroll is filed on your Wrapbook account automatically. It can be found in Requests under ‘All’ or under the Reports section for your entire production company.