QuickBooks Online

Last Update:
April 27, 2023

Using Wrapbook’s Quickbooks Online Integration, you can transfer all your payroll information—wages, expenses, invoices, fringes, platform fees, and workers’ compensation—automatically.

Note: You must have a QuickBooks Online account that supports bill object creation—that is, any plan beyond QuickBooks Online Simple Start. There is no additional cost to use QuickBooks integration.

Connect your QuickBooks Online account to Wrapbook

  • To set up QuickBooks Online Integration, navigate to Company Settings > QuickBooks Integration and select Edit.
  • Click Connect to QuickBooks and log in using your QuickBooks Online credentials. By setting up the integration, you are authorizing Wrapbook to send payroll information—including information about workers, worker wages, taxes, and expenses, workers compensation, and platform fees—to your Quickbooks Online account. 
  • You will be redirected to an authorization screen on the QuickBooks website.
  • Click Connect.
Note: If you’ve previously authorized a previous integration to Quickbooks Online, you won’t see this screen.

Once connected, you will be redirected back to Wrapbook.

Choose your integration settings

Choose a Wrapbook Vendor, Bank Account, and Default Expense Account. Note that for each payroll invoice, two transactions will be created in QuickBooks Wrapbook: Bill and Bill Payment.

If you want bills created in Quickbooks to automatically tag your Wrapbook project, enable Sync using the toggle and select Class or Customer (depending on how you organize your QuickBooks).

Click Save Integration Settings.  

Note: If you have changed your settings in QuickBooks Online (for example, if you have added a new bank account), click Re-sync Data to pull the new data from QuickBooks. If you are connected to the wrong QuickBooks account, click Remove Integration. This will clear the current integration and allow you to connect a new account.

Sync with projects in QuickBooks Online

If you’ve enabled Sync, you’ll need to assign either a Customer Number or a Class Number to your Wrapbook project. These numbers are generated in QuickBooks; Wrapbook uses them to link your QuickBooks project and Wrapbook project together.

Navigate to +Create New Project and select either Customer Number or Class Number from the drop-down. (This decision is based on how you set up your projects in QuickBooks Online.) Selecting the class number or customer number from the drop-down will allow you to tag your project on the bill created in QuickBooks Online.

If you are interested in mapping cost codes to your integration, click here to learn more.