Reports Tab

Last Update:
December 4, 2020

Whether you’re preparing for tax season or just need to access your production company’s numbers, you’ll need to pull reports on your production company’s payroll often. But instead of sorting through boxes of paperwork, Wrapbook makes finding reports easy.

To find your production company’s reports, click on “Reports” on the bottom left hand side. Clicking on each report will show reports for entire production company, aggregated by each production.

Past Payroll

Past Payroll is a log of all the payroll performed by production company. For payroll you ran, you can view its status, creation date, project, number of people paid, tax amount, and total. As always, by clicking “View” you can get an in depth look at any payment.

Payments and Paystubs

Payments and Paystubs catalogues individual payments made to each worker. At its core, this is an expanded list of what you ran in one payroll.

Past Requests

Past Requests is a list of all the times your workers sent you an invoice and a breakdown of whether they were approved, denied, or pending.

Tax Documents

Easily find any worker’s tax forms under Tax Documents. You can view W4s, W2s, and other tax forms, organized by worker name. Find more details by clicking “View.”