Sharing Documents

Last Update:
December 4, 2020

From callsheets to Exhibit Gs to shooting schedules to scripts, there’s no shortage of documents you’ll need to share with both your internal team and your cast and crew. Wrapbook makes sharing these documents quick, easy, safe, and accessible to everyone on their computer and on their phones.

After toggling to your production, click on “Documents,” on the left hand pane. This will bring you to this screen.

If any documents are already shared on this production, you’ll see them here already. You’ll see a list of all the documents, along with a description and permissions list. Easily edit pre-existing documents by clicking “Edit,” or add a new one by clicking “+Add Document.”

By clicking “Add Document,” you’ll be taken to a screen where you can add a file, along with a brief description. From call sheets to set maps to voice memos, there’s no limit to what type of file you can add.

When your project is complete, the documents folder will safely hold all added documents should they ever need to be accessed in the future.

Setting permissions

While everyone on your cast and production staff will need access to the daily shooting schedule, and perhaps more importantly, the day’s catering menu, the entire cast and crew probably shouldn’t have access to each other’s tax documents.

For this reason, you can adjust who can access the documents by toggling the “Shared With” option to just admins or admins and project managers.