Methods of Paying People

Last Update:
December 4, 2020

Once you have onboarded your employees you then have the ability to either enter timecards on their behalf or for them to enter their own timecards and submit them to you.

We have two ways you can pay your staff- Timecards, in which you will have set up a rate during onboarding or, invoice driven payment, in which you have come to an agreement with your employee for a daily rate. This rate still must adhere to federal minimums. This is commonly used for workers who submit an Invoice to you upon completion of their work.

Timecards (Recommended)

Providing you have set up your employee with a time based rate:

They will then appear on the list of names you can select to pay via timecard- or timebased reporting.

When you click on the user you wish to pay you will be presented with a timecard that you are able to fill out.

Please note, the employee will see this in standard AM/PM whereas the production admin side will see the time reported in tenths of an hour military time.

This is what a timecard will look like for an employer/admin:

You will also find at the bottom of this timecard spaces to add penalties if you have them as well as adjustments- this would include any additional wages owed, kit fees, mileage, or any other taxable additions. You also have the ability to add notes in the note box below.

Once you are satisfied with the times and amounts entered you can hit “Save” then “Approve” and the timecard will be added to your pending payroll to run.

Accounts Payable- Invoice Based Payment

You also have the option of paying your workers via Invoice. While this does allow flexiblity your worker may be used to, it doesn’t offer the same protections that timebased payment has with tracking actual hours worked. You are welcome to use this method though and it will be taxed the same as wages.

To add an Invoice based payment simply go to the Accounts Payable section of your left-hand menu.

There in the upper right-hand corner you will see “Add Invoice”

Once you click “Add Invoice” you will be presented with a form that you can fill out. Simply select the worker you wish to pay, enter the date worked, add the amount you wish to pay, and any aditional notes about the work performed. You will also have the opportunity to add any Invoice files provided to you by the worker.

Again, once you hit Save and Approve this will be added to your pending payroll to run.


Expenses are non-taxable reimbursements. If someone took an Uber or Lyft, picked up the local coffee order, or paid for gas- here is where you are able to repay them without any additional taxes withheld. Please keep in mind the IRS does require documentation for any purchase reimbursement over $75.