Reports & Descriptions

Last Update:
March 21, 2022

Payments and Paystubs

If a worker needs help pulling a copy of their paystub, administrators can easily access them from the Payments and Paystubs report.

Administrators can filter through all past payments using the worker's name, the payment type, or the payment status.

For a CSV fringe report of everything ever run through Wrapbook, click Export.

Past Payroll

View a log of all the payroll cycles performed by a production company.

For each of these payrolls, you can view its status, creation date, project, number of people paid, tax amount, and the total payment amount inclusive of wages, reimbursements, taxes, workers compensation insurance, and platform fees. Use filters to sort the data (Any Status, Any Project, All Time).

Click View Payroll to get an in depth look at any payment. To generate an invoice, click View Invoice

Past Requests

View all of your production company’s previously submitted requests.

Requests include timecards, invoices, and expenses (kit fees, mileage, and other expenses) submitted by workers to your company. Filter requests by Person and Status. To export the data to a CSV, click Export.

Wrap Reports 

Download detailed reports on your production payroll as your project wraps.

Access a csv download of all timecards, invoices, and expenses paid on a project for your wrap process. The file includes line numbers the production team may have entered paired with a breakdown of wages and other taxable and non-taxable payments per worker.

Click Download next to the project title for which you’d like to generate this report.

Detailed Payroll Log

Download a detailed payroll log to easily import into any third party budgeting software.

Click Payroll Log CSV to download.

Tax Documents 

Easily find employee tax forms.

View W-4s, W-9s, and other tax forms organized by each worker’s name. Click the tax document provided on the worker profile to view the form.

Demographic Hiring Report 

Gender and Race/Ethnicity data can help decision making in your hiring practices, support diversifying your organization, or even aid in grant applications when applicable. 

Click Download to generate a demographic report for your projects.