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Production Timecards
Made Smart

Logging time on and off set has never been easier with Wrapbook's new digital timecards.

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Wrapbook Production Timecards: Timecards Optimized for the Entertainment Industry
Digital Timecards

Powerful and Convenient

Create custom timecards for each employee, which can be filled out directly on their phones. Timecards appear on your production dashboard. Just click to approve and pay.

As with all Wrapbook features, time cards are included for free on all plans.

Wrapbook Production Timecards: Digital and Elegant
Unique Day Rates

Set Multiple Day Rates

Sometimes your cast and crew may have different rates per function. Wrapbook allows you to add multiple day rates for each member of your crew.

Label each rate, adding custom hour scales. All changes will auto-populate on your crew's timecards when they onboard.

Wrapbook Production Timecards: Multiple Day Rates
Customizable Overtime

Overtime. Your Way.

Assign a overtime option for each cast and crew member. Using their timecards, Wrapbook will automatically calculate gross wages.

Overtime options include Exempt, Federal Minimum, California Overtime, and Premium Overtime.

Wrapbook Production Timecards: Four Overtime Options