Adding Teammates

Last Update:
December 1, 2020

You can allow other teammates to manage your payroll for you.

In Wrapbook, teammates can help invite workers, access payments, and manage documents – depending on the permissions you set.

In order to add someone to your production company, click “Company Settings” on the homepage. Find the Administrators line and click “Edit.”

You’ll be taken to the Administrators Page, where you can add a new teammate by clicking, “New Administrator.”

The next page will allow you to enter an email along with the name of the person you want to add to your Wrapbook account. Next, you’ll be prompted to choose whether your new teammate will be an administrator or a manager.

Roles & Permissions

Please note the following user types.

Administrators have total control over your account, able to change settings and process payments. Managers have limited access, and can do everything short of changing your settings or sending payments. Production Coordinators are managers on a single specific project and can assist in processing your I9s on set and assist with hiring people but cannot process payroll.