Roles & Permissions

Last Update:
March 24, 2022

Who will be responsible for initiating onboarding, hiring, funding payroll, or entering timecards?

To help you manage your day-to-day on and off set, Wrapbook offers three permission levels: Company Admins, Company Managers, and Project Coordinators.

Take the time to think through these Wrapbook’s permissions. These roles will assume critical responsibilities and tasks that keep the needs of not only your production but your cast & crew running smoothly. Make this decision upfront as you prepare to set up your company and project(s). If things change, you always have the ability to update ownership roles at the company and project level at any time.

  • ALL ACCESS: Company Admins: Can do everything from start to finish within a project—company admins run payroll, batch payroll, hire people, enter timecards and expenses, and change company settings. Recommended for: Head of Production, CFOs, Company Producers, and Accountants
  • ALMOST EVERYTHING: Company Managers: Can see across all projects in a company. Company managers have the same permissions as the Company Admin except for running payroll and changing company settings. Recommended for: Producers, Assistants to HOP or CFO, and Accountants
  • PROJECT-BY-PROJECT: Project Coordinators: Can only see the projects that they are directly assigned to in project settings. Recommended for: Production Assistants, Freelance Producers, Directors, and Heads of Departments on a specific shoot 

Add or remove a Company Admin or Company Manager:

  1. Company Settings > Administrators > + New Administrator
  2. Enter the email of the individual you would like to invite and select their role from the drop-down (manager or admin)
  3. To remove a company admin or company manager click Company Settings > Edit > Remove

Add or remove a Project Coordinator:

  1. Once your project is created, click View Project > Settings> Edit
  2. Click New Project Coordinators
  3. Enter the email of the individual you would like to invite and click Save
  4. To remove a project coordinator, click View Project > Settings > Edit > Remove