Linking Your Bank

Last Update:
March 27, 2022

Connect your bank account in a safe and encrypted way, which will verify your ability to payout.

Connecting your bank account with Wrapbook allows your employees to be paid faster.

To avoid delays when funding payroll for the first time through Wrapbook, notify your bank that you will be running payroll through us. Provide our full legal company name and bank: TakeOne NetworkCorp dba Wrapbook.

In order to link your business bank, click on Company Settings > Create. From there, you’ll be prompted to instantly link your bank using Plaid.

Enter your bank’s name in the new window prompted by Plaid. After you’ve selected your bank, signing in will connect your routing and account numbers. Payments will now be sent securely and quickly to everyone on your payroll.

Once you’ve set up your payroll funding, you’re ready to process payments.

Can’t Find Your Bank?

If you have any issues linking your bank account, please reach out to