Petty Cash

Last Update:
April 26, 2023

The Petty Cash tracker allows you to track the distribution of petty cash across your entire crew.

Managing petty cash

Access Petty Cash from the left navigation panel by clicking Cost Tracking to expand the menu or by clicking View Petty Cash from the dashboard tile. Within the tile, you will see a quick snapshot of all your cash: what’s remaining, what’s been spent, and what’s yet to be distributed.

Petty cash dashboard

The petty cash dashboard provides information about each envelope, as well as options for exporting transactional data, adding transactions, and recording distribution of cash.

Let’s take a look at the two tabs: Envelopes and Petty Cash Funding.


This tab displays every worker to whom you have distributed cash, along with the total amount of funds distributed, which transactions have been submitted for payment, and any cash that has not been submitted or spent.

You can:

  • Access a digital petty cash envelope for each worker—this helps you better understand their spending: what they've already spent and what’s been distributed to them.
  • Edit each cash transaction, attach receipts and export envelope details.
  • View the status of individual transaction (Out or Returned)

Petty Cash Funding

This tab displays your total funds, including the amount you’re holding that hasn’t been distributed to crew yet, along with total transactions. 

You can:

  • Access all purchase orders and download a PDFs of those POs 
  • Add funds to petty cash bank  

Across both tabs, you can export the transactional data. Click Export to choose from Hot Budget, Showbiz, and Backup, which include PDFs of the invoices and all receipts.

To get started, add funds to petty cash

Click Add funds.

Enter the amount, pickup person, and a description/note.

Click Save & Generate PO.

With petty cash funded, it’s time to distribute the cash to workers.

In the upper right-hand corner, click Distribute Cash.

At the top of the window, you will see the total amount of cash on-hand available to disburse.

Select the worker from the pre-populated list. 

Enter the Amount Received. 

Click Confirm distribution. Once confirmed, the worker will receive an email confirmation and their digital envelope will appear in their Wrapbook profile (including on mobile).

Note: This amount will appear instantly under Total Distributed, providing immediate visibility to cash flow.

If you need to add a cash transaction on a worker’s behalf, from Envelopes, click Add Transaction.

  • Select the crew member name, date of expense and enter the total amount of the transaction.
  • Enter a description and add the name of the Vendor. 
  • Select the Line # and attach the receipt.

Once a crew member has returned all their outstanding funds and submitted any receipts for transactions, you can close out their digital Petty Cash envelope by clicking Return envelope.

From Envelopes, click on a worker name. Once you have confirmed all cash and receipts are accounted for, click Return envelope and Confirm return.

Crew's digital envelope

Once logged in, workers will be able to view a summary of their petty cash transactions and distributions for a project by clicking Petty Cash from the left-hand navigation menu.

The worker will be able to:

  • View the total amount of petty cash distributed—what has been spent, and what is outstanding—along with their distribution history.
  • Edit a transaction
  • Attach a receipt
  • Add a new transaction
  • Export the envelope detail to a csv (date, vendor, description, line code, amount) or the envelope detail with backup which include PDF of the invoice and all receipts.
Note: Once the petty cash envelope has been returned, the worker will no longer be able to add receipts or manage cash.