Purchase Orders

Last Update:
April 27, 2023

Managing purchase orders

To access Purchase Orders (POs), click Cost Tracking on the left navigation panel, or click View Purchase Orders from the dashboard tile. Within the tile, you will see a quick snapshot of all the purchase orders for the project, including which purchase orders are awaiting invoice, and the total paid across all purchase orders.

Note: The circled number in the left navigation panel represents the total number of active purchase orders for this project. 

Purchase orders dashboard

The Purchase Orders dashboard provides on-demand insights into all the vendor-cost information you need about each PO, with the ability to edit, export, search, and add a new purchase order.

In the dashboard you can:

  • View the total dollar amount across all purchase orders, see which purchase orders are awaiting invoices, see the total amount paid across all purchase orders, and see what is remaining or unpaid.
  • Use the search field to find a purchase order in the table.
  • Export the data to Hot Budget or Showbiz Budgeting for actualizing using the export drop-down.
  • Prepare zip files that include PDFs of all POs with wrap materials by clicking Backup or create an accounting export by clicking PO Binder.
  • Enable Workers to allow department coordinators to create their own purchase orders.
  • Add a new purchase order using + New Purchase Order

Within the table, you can view:

  • PO#: purchase order number assigned at creation in Wrapbook. Click the PO # to edit.
  • Vendor: vendor name
  • Description: description of the expense
  • Date Issued: Date the purchase order was created
  • Amount: amount of the purchase order
  • W-9, Invoice, and Payment Method: indicates if there is a W-9, Invoice, or Payment Method on file for a given purchase order. Yes = green check mark / No =yellow exclamation point
  • Created by: user who created the purchase order
Note: Click on of the headers-PO#, Vendor, or Date Issued to sort.

Adding a purchase order

In the upper-right corner of the purchase order dashboard, click +Add Purchase Order.

Search by vendor name to add a vendor and enter a description. 

Click Continue to PO to edit the details of this purchase order. 

Note: If the vendor name is not listed, click inside the vendor field to reveal the option to Create New Vendor. Add the vendor as a company or an individual/sole proprietor. Once the new vendor is saved, you will return to the new purchase order window to add a description. If you are leveraging an accounting software integration, vendors will be automatically added for use when adding purchase orders. If you need to upload your Vendor list, please reach out to your customer success manager (CSM).

Generate a purchase order for a vendor

To immediately generate a purchase order number for the vendor, click Quick Create.

To continue adding details to the purchase order, click View PO. 

To create another new purchase order in the same instance, click Create another.

Enabling purchase orders for workers

You can enable crew to create purchase orders from their worker profile.

All POs will be time-stamped and tied to a creator, automatically providing you with a digital audit trail.

To allow workers to create purchase orders, click Enable Workers.

Search by name OR title, then select which workers you want to enable to create POs (to enable all workers to do this, use the Select All checkbox). 

With workers selected, click Save Permissions.

To cancel, click Cancel.

For crew:

If a worker is enabled to create purchase orders, upon logging in, they will see Purchase Orders as an available option in the left-hand navigation menu.

From here, the worker can:

  • View information about purchase orders they have added, including the total dollar amount of their POs, POs that are awaiting invoice, total paid, and total unpaid. 
  • Export the transactions to Hot Budget or Showbiz
  • Add a new purchase order 

Editing and maintaining a purchase order

When entering information about a purchase order, not all fields are required. However, the more information you enter, the better your records will be.

At the top of the Edit Purchase Order page, you will see a summary of vendor details.

Click Edit Vendor to update details about the vendor.

Note: If the Vendor is a temporary vendor, the option to Edit Vendor will be available. Accounting system vendors cannot be edited and this option will not be available. 

Click Upload to be directed to the Vendor W-9 field. If necessary, update the Date issued and Description of the vendor.

View the Total Amount of the purchase order.

To Save and Close the PO, click More > Save and Close. To delete the PO, click Delete PO.

Emailing a PO and generating a PDF

To download a PDF of the PO or email the PO, click More.

  • Click Generate PDF to download a copy of the purchase order.
  • Click Email PO and select a recipient to email the purchase order with all relevant documentation. Include a message and be sure to cc yourself.
Note: To email a PO to its associated vendor automatically, an email address must be populated in the vendor record.


  • View the total number of invoices and payments for this vendor in the top-right corner above the description header. 
  • Add a description for each line and search for the line # that will be associated with it. If you are using custom chart of accounts, your line numbers will automatically populate for each selection. Otherwise, you can type the line number manually.
  • Input the quantity.
  • Add the dollar rate. With the rate added, the amount will automatically populate.
  • Select an invoice or search by invoice number.
  • Click Add line if you need to distribute the amounts across multiple lines/items.
  • Add additional notes specific to this purchase order.
  • Upload and attach the Vendor W-9 along with any Other Files—such as a rental agreement or vendor contract, etc. 

Once you enter all the relevant information for the purchase order, click Save.

To cancel and start over, click Cancel.

Adding and editing invoices & payments

To add or edit invoices and payments, click View All in the top-right corner of the description header. 

  • To edit an invoice or payment, click on the pencil icon next to the line item you would like to edit.
  • To add an invoice, click Add Invoice. Enter the Invoice Number, Due Date, and Amount. To attach an invoice, click Select a file, and Save.
  • To add a payment, select Add Payment. Enter the payment type, ID #, payment date, and the amount. If you would like to attach a file, Select a file and click Save. 
Note: The circled number represents the total number of invoices or payments for the purchase order.