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4 Signs You’re Onboarding Your Crew Wrong

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Onboarding crew is a core practice for any production company. It's repeated dozens of times a year, and affects how seamless your wrap is. You’d think such a critical part of a company’s function would be optimized at all costs. This handbook dives into where teams still trip up, and what specific Wrapbook features make onboarding a breeze.

What’s Inside

  • Discover how to keep crew paperwork safe and secure from job to job.
  • Learn how easy Wrapbook makes it to know what documentation you need and when you need it.
  • Check out how real-time digital payroll removes duplicate work from your process. Eliminate back & forth timecard submissions and stop re-onboarding for every job. 
  • Understand what’s costing you time and money when onboarding isn’t connected to your payroll.

Is your current onboarding process as fast and seamless as it could be? Find out where it goes off the rails and discover how Wrapbook can get you back on track.

Better Ways

Bring peace-of-mind to one of your most important processes. We cover everything you need to know to optimize crew onboarding.

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