Work Is Hard.
Paying your workforce is now easy

Tackle timecards, payroll & insurance for your project-based workforce with Wrapbook

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Project-based payroll should be easy
Tame The Chaos of Payroll

Payroll for a project-based workforce

Receive all timecards, invoices, and expenses -- directly from your workforce in Wrapbook.

Wrapbook automatically calculates their wages & taxes for you. Run your payroll when you’re ready.

Tame The Chaos of Entertainment Payroll
Onboard with Ease

Onboard Your Workers with Ease

You have better things to do than hunt down W4s & I9s.

Your workforce can onboard themselves in the Wrapbook app & get set up for payment in seconds. Wrapbook handles the compliance seamlessly.

Onboard Crew With Ease
Save $$$$

Save Your Money

Wrapbook only costs 0.75% of payments.

We are the best priced payroll solution on the market. We will save you in both time and personnel that it takes to typically create, staff and wrap a project.

Save Money With Wrapbook
Save Time

Get Back to Work

Running a project smoothly is hard work. Please focus on that. Payroll should be the last thing you need to worry about.

Wrapbook’s intuitive interface makes everything related to payroll a breeze.

Save Time With Wrapbook

“Wrapbook is an incredible service. It’s extremely easy to set up. All my paperwork is tidy. My crew was able to get paid quickly. It saved me 3 days worth of paperwork and the stress of trying to understand new production laws. Wrapbook rules!“

Why Fathom Loves Wrapbook

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