Pay your crew, better.

Smart timecards, built-in union compliance, and payroll you can run with a click. It's entertainment payroll, only better.

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Payroll on your schedule

  • Collect digital timecards in a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • Handle everything: hours, expenses, reimbursements, per diems, kit fees, union dues, and more with automated calculations.
  • Pay your whole crew with a click, anytime you want—no more waiting on a paymaster.

Union compliance made simple

  • Pay union workers seamlessly, with automated compliance for SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, and more.
  • Handle pension, health, and welfare benefits automatically—Wrapbook calculates and disburses payments for you.
  • Get in-house support from veterans of the major unions, guilds, and entertainment payroll providers.

Get In-House Union Expertise

Comprehensive payroll reports on demand

  • Get payroll reports whenever you need them—no more waiting on a paymaster.
  • As much or as little detail as you need—see the whole picture, then drill down to individual transactions with a click.
  • Access your entire payroll history—edits to payables are logged for easy auditing.

A mobile app crews love

  • Onboarding, timecards, expenses, and payments—all on the go.
  • Payment status updated in real time—no more emails asking “where’s my check?”
  • Offline mode that lets crew submit from anywhere, no matter where "on location" might be.

“It’s allowed more volume for us.”

Alex M.
Executive Producer

“All producers, PM's and coordinators can make use of this software. Saves a ton of time and gives accurate breakdowns. More accurate and faster than most payroll companies.”

Joseph B.
Project Coordinator

“The platform is so user friendly and easy for crew. It takes away unnecessary time required for payroll!”

May Lin L.
Project Coordinator

“Wrapbook is easy to use and helps me get paid faster!”

Nick J.
Set Medic

“...we get paid so quickly, no paperwork and easy to use.”

Mora W.
Craft Services

“Makes my life so much easier.”

John R.
Production Coordinator

“This app makes it 1000% easier when submitting times, expenses, etc. Also very easy to use and shows previous jobs you’ve worked and any payroll info.”

Luis B.
Production Assistant

“This app makes it super easy to fill out time cards. Only second time using Wrapbook. 10 out of 10.”

David A.
Location Assistant

“Anything that I can bring into my process as a producer that can save me time and money is something that I will 100% recommend and use...Wrapbook has done both of those things.”

Matt Little
Head of Production

“I love Wrapbook! You make this process so much easier!”

Ricky F.

“I love using the Wrapbook mobile app! It’s the best and so easy to use!!!!”

Kimberly A.
Production Assistant

“All in all, Wrapbook is the best payroll company and most user friendly as well.”

Philip M.
Production Assistant

“Before Wrapbook, it was just a big headache to manage physical paperwork. With Wrapbook, everything related to payroll ends up in one place, which is so nice.”

DJay Brawner

“Very convenient for people on the go working to get paid easily.”

Sean J.
Production Assistant

“Whenever people hear that a video production is using Wrapbook payroll, everyone gives a sigh of relief. The program is so user friendly and submitting everything is a breeze!”

Austin C.
Production Assistant

“The Wrapbook app is the only way I use Wrapbook because I am always on the go and it’s easily accessible for my busy schedule.”

Juliet L.
Photo Assistant

“The biggest thing with us was ease of use with Wrapbook. It’s convenient for us because we’re not spending all this time tracking people down.”

Matt Little
Head of Production

“Across the board, Wrapbook freed up time for our production department to really focus on the job.”

Martin Risberg
Senior Integrated Producer

“Producers and production teams have enough on their plate... Wrapbook streamlines the payroll process. It’s a quicker process than your standard payroll company and the rates are very competitive.”

Austin Barbera
Partner and Executive Producer

“Our producers and production crew are 100% thankful we now have Wrapbook. It’s so easy to enter & process time sheets and it is a huge time saver. Win! Win! All around.”

Cameron Daniels
Head of Finance and Administration

“Wrapbook has given me a sense of confidence that the payroll portion of the shoot is going to be a simple process for all production crew involved.”

Cameron Daniels
Head of Finance and Administration

“I can't imagine having gone through the growth that we've had this year with an older payroll service.”

Meliz Yilmaz

“Wrapbook has saved at least one day on every wrap process that would have otherwise been spent dedicated to wrapping payroll.”

Alex Hughes
Head of Production

“We switched to Wrapbook to future-proof our company’s payroll process.”

Andrew Colón
Chief Operating Officer

“For us to be able to get time sheets entered completely and easily, without any complaints, and then for the producer to be able to process the payroll in batches effortlessly, it’s very helpful.”

Cameron Daniels
Head of Finance and Administration

“Wrapbook’s always so easy—better than any of the other online payroll companies. It’s very user friendly, and very self-explanatory.”

Oliver Fuselier
Managing Director

“We have reduced our production team's need for work by about 75% when it comes to payroll.”

Matt Bobbitt
Head of Production

“It's easy, it's online, it's fast, so we've reduced the amount of time and effort it takes our crew.”

Matt Bobbitt
Head of Production

“Wrapbook made managing payroll more efficient in all phases: onboarding, calculating, approving, timeliness of people getting paid, compliance, and reporting.”

Andrew Colón
Chief Operating Officer

“Before Wrapbook, it was paper I-9s and paper timecards, and oftentimes we would have to hire additional people to take those and input them into some digital system. It was a lot of moving parts, and it took a lot of person-power.”

Alex Hughes
Head of Production

“Really is the best platform available. Makes my job a million times easier…”

Sammy H.
Producer / Production Manager

“Wrapbook is everything that you want from a payroll software. It's so much easier. The pain points are just eliminated.”

Adriane Maxwell
Financial Controller

“Let me tell you about this Wrapbook system! Absolutely AMAZING. Omgoodness! This portal is like heaven on a screen.”

Jennifer O.
Production Manager

“Wrapbook makes it easy to manage payroll and CA AB5 compliance for my productions.”

Daniel G.

“I wish every production would consider using Wrapbook.”

Andres U.
1st AC

“I love that all my tax docs are already uploaded and the timecard process is so streamlined.”

Cara C.
Production Assistant

“Can’t work without it. Wrapbook makes all of my payroll and insurance needs super easy to manage. I work freelance and have tons of different contractors and employees come through on our projects. Wrapbook allows me to take care of them all with no problems.”

John R
Head of Production

“You have a lot of self-service access, is the main takeaway of the Wrapbook product. You don’t have to wait for a payroll service to provide you with specialized reports or anything; you have it immediately. You have this detail before the payroll is actually sent for audit review and approval.”

Lynn D.

“It is more efficient and easier for everyone. From your crew to your in-house production team, all the way to accounting—it has made everything so much simpler and easier to track.”

Meliz Yilmaz
Production Supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the most common questions we get about Wrapbook.

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