All your production costs, all in real time.

Track every dollar—from payroll to purchase orders to petty cash—all in one place.

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Finally, purchase orders made orderly

  • Create, manage, and share purchase orders in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Track PO costs as they’re incurred—no surprises at wrap.
  • Enable department heads to create their own POs, keeping your whole team in sync.

Paperless petty cash tracking

  • Distribute and track petty cash digitally—no more paper chits or piles of receipts.
  • Follow your funds in real time, with virtual petty cash envelopes for each crew member.
  • Allow your crew to log receipts from anywhere using the iOS app.

Real-time actualizing, one-click cost reports

  • Import your budget from Hot Budget, Movie Magic Budgeting, or Showbiz Budgeting with our seamless integrations.
  • Avoid unexpected overages with up-to-the-minute budget data.
  • Use the Budget Tracker to drill down into actuals and export detailed cost reports with just a click.

Tour Production Accounting in Wrapbook

With Wrapbook:
  • Payroll and accounting in one fully integrated platform
  • Production and cost data updated across the platform in real time
  • A unified purchase order dashboard where your whole team can track PO approval progress in real time
  • On-demand payroll that accounting can run without the back-and-forth with a paymaster
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you get the most out of Wrapbook
Other providers:
  • Separate tools for payroll and accounting that lack true interconnectivity
  • Production and cost information scattered across platforms, sometimes out of sync
  • Disconnected, disorganized purchase orders, with no real-time visibility into approvals
  • Delays in finalizing payroll while waiting for the payroll company to review
  • Longer wait times for customer service, with agents spread across multiple projects

Tour Cost Tracking in Wrapbook

“It is more efficient and easier for everyone. From your crew to your in-house production team, all the way to accounting—it has made everything so much simpler and easier to track.”

Meliz Yilmaz
Production Supervisor

“I like how it integrates with Showbiz and how much faster it makes my wrapping out the job.”

Sammy H.
Producer / Production Manager

“Let me tell you about this Wrapbook system! Absolutely AMAZING. Omgoodness! This portal is like heaven on a screen.”

Jennifer O.
Production Manager

“Really is the best platform available. Makes my job a million times easier…”

Sammy H.
Producer / Production Manager

“Wrapbook has freed up our in-house production manager’s time. She’s able to run job cost reports and she’s able to produce instead of just focusing on payroll.”

Adriane Maxwell
Financial Controller

“It is more efficient and easier for everyone. From your crew to your in-house production team all the way to accounting, it has made everything so much simpler and easier to track.”

Meliz Yilmaz

“Across the board, Wrapbook freed up time for our production department to really focus on the job.”

Martin Risberg
Senior Integrated Producer

“All in all, Wrapbook is the best payroll company and most user friendly as well.”

Philip M.
Production Assistant

“I love using the Wrapbook mobile app! It’s the best and so easy to use!!!!”

Kimberly A.
Production Assistant

“I love Wrapbook! You make this process so much easier!”

Ricky F.

“Makes my life so much easier.”

John R.
Production Coordinator

“It’s allowed more volume for us.”

Alex M.
Executive Producer

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