Hiring (and re-hiring) made easy.

Create startwork, hire workers, and track onboarding status—all in one easy-to-use interface.

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Smart startwork for hassle-free onboarding

  • Build custom startwork in seconds with powerful automation—I9s, NDAs, production agreements, and more.
  • Collect signatures electronically—no more chasing after missing paperwork.
  • Store everything securely in one SOC 2-compliant platform.

Onboarding progress, tracked in real time

  • Invite workers to your project via email with just a few clicks.
  • Track the status of key compliance documents in real time—including I-9s, W-4s, and wage notices.
  • Waiting on a signature? Send reminder emails with a click.

Portable crew profiles that make re-hiring a breeze

  • Re-hire your go-to crew with a click—crew profiles follow workers from job to job for seamless re-onboarding.
  • Give your crew everything they need right at their fingertips—our iOS app handles onboarding, timecards, and more.
  • On location? Onboard your crew and send them important documents from anywhere.

Tour Production Accounting in Wrapbook Yourself

With Wrapbook:
  • Payroll and accounting in one fully integrated platform
  • Customizable project, startwork, accounting, and approval settings controlled by your accounting team
  • Timecards, purchase orders, budgets, and vendors all managed in one place
  • On-demand payroll that accounting can run anytime with just a click—no back-and-forth with a paymaster
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager for when you need another level of support
Other providers:
  • Separate tools for payroll and accounting that aren’t truly connected
  • Error-prone setup that’s managed by the payroll company
  • Production and cost information scattered across platforms, often out of sync
  • Delays in finalizing payroll while waiting for your payroll company to review
  • Longer wait times and agents spread across multiple projects

Tour Cost Tracking in Wrapbook

“It is more efficient and easier for everyone. From your crew to your in-house production team, all the way to accounting—it has made everything so much simpler and easier to track.”

Meliz Yilmaz
Production Supervisor

“An easy way to submit all my start work without having to deal with emails and mistakes on physical documents, or people missing things on digital documents.”

Olivia W.
Crew Member

“I’m HR for our company, and not having to deal with the legality/logistics of temp hires for production companies has been a massive help… and it’s been a lot more user-friendly for the talent we’re pulling in for projects.”

Noah B.

“Wrapbook makes it easy to manage payroll and CA AB5 compliance for my productions.”

Daniel G.

“Automating all the processes so that employees complete their own information online, and I don’t have to mess around with emailing PDFs back and forth is massive.”

Henry B.

“I love that all my tax docs are already uploaded and the timecard process is so streamlined.”

Cara C.
Production Assistant

“I wish every production would consider using Wrapbook.”

Andres U.
1st AC

“Before Wrapbook, it was paper I-9s and paper timecards, and oftentimes we would have to hire additional people to take those and input them into some digital system. It was a lot of moving parts, and it took a lot of person-power.”

Alex Hughes
Head of Production

“Let me tell you about this Wrapbook system! Absolutely AMAZING. Omgoodness! This portal is like heaven on a screen.”

Jennifer O.
Production Manager

“Really is the best platform available. Makes my job a million times easier…”

Sammy H.
Producer / Production Manager

“Wrapbook made managing payroll more efficient in all phases: onboarding, calculating, approving, timeliness of people getting paid, compliance, and reporting.”

Andrew Colón
Chief Operating Officer

“It is more efficient and easier for everyone. From your crew to your in-house production team all the way to accounting, it has made everything so much simpler and easier to track.”

Meliz Yilmaz

“Things get done way more efficiently and thoroughly. Everyone's information is properly stored and taken care of in a correct and legal manner.”

Meliz Yilmaz

“It's easy, it's online, it's fast, so we've reduced the amount of time and effort it takes our crew.”

Matt Bobbitt
Head of Production

“Our producers and production crew are 100% thankful we now have Wrapbook. It’s so easy to enter & process time sheets and it is a huge time saver. Win! Win! All around.”

Cameron Daniels
Head of Finance and Administration

“Across the board, Wrapbook freed up time for our production department to really focus on the job.”

Martin Risberg
Senior Integrated Producer

“The biggest thing with us was ease of use with Wrapbook. It’s convenient for us because we’re not spending all this time tracking people down.”

Matt Little
Head of Production

“The Wrapbook app is the only way I use Wrapbook because I am always on the go and it’s easily accessible for my busy schedule.”

Juliet L.
Photo Assistant

“Whenever people hear that a video production is using Wrapbook payroll, everyone gives a sigh of relief. The program is so user friendly and submitting everything is a breeze!”

Austin C.
Production Assistant

“Before Wrapbook, it was just a big headache to manage physical paperwork. With Wrapbook, everything related to payroll ends up in one place, which is so nice.”

DJay Brawner

“All in all, Wrapbook is the best payroll company and most user friendly as well.”

Philip M.
Production Assistant

“I love using the Wrapbook mobile app! It’s the best and so easy to use!!!!”

Kimberly A.
Production Assistant

“I love Wrapbook! You make this process so much easier!”

Ricky F.

“Anything that I can bring into my process as a producer that can save me time and money is something that I will 100% recommend and use...Wrapbook has done both of those things.”

Matt Little
Head of Production

“This app makes it 1000% easier when submitting times, expenses, etc. Also very easy to use and shows previous jobs you’ve worked and any payroll info.”

Luis B.
Production Assistant

“Makes my life so much easier.”

John R.
Production Coordinator

“It’s allowed more volume for us.”

Alex M.
Executive Producer

“It is the easiest and most user-friendly experience for crew members filling out start work.”

Dorian T.
Production Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the most common questions we get about Wrapbook.