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Smart payroll built for creators.

Still photography, post-production, esports, concerts, podcasts—Wrapbook’s flexible workflow makes it the go-to payroll solution for today’s content producers.

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The most flexible solution for paying your whole team.

No matter what you’re making, Wrapbook makes it effortless to onboard workers, collect timecards, pay crew, and view important payroll data.

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Finally, production payroll that just works.

Easy onboarding, lightning-fast payouts, and compliance built in. It’s payroll the way it was always meant to be.

Invite your crew

The fastest, easiest way to onboard your crew

Smart startwork makes it easy for workers to onboard themselves. And with Wrapbook profiles, their tax and payment information follows them from job to job, so they’ll only have to onboard once.

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Cost Tracking
Stay Compliant

Built-in compliance for employees and contractors

With more and more states are requiring project-based workers to be classified as employees, Wrapbook makes it easy to stay compliant and avoid fines and penalties.

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Automate Timecards

Smart timecards your crew will love

Smart, mobile timecards allow your crew to log hours right from their phone. Need to add additional expenses like mileage or kit fees? Our iOS app handles those, too.

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Re-hire With a click

A comprehensive database for all your workers

Models, editors, gaffers, VFX artists—every time time you hire someone through Wrapbook, their profile gets added to your All Crew Database. Just search their profile, view their last paid rate, and rehire with a click.

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One platform for your whole team.

No more back-and-forth emailing. With Wrapbook, everyone’s always on the same page.

Real-life experts, at your service.

Stay compliant with full-service, EOR payroll.

As a full-service employer of record, Wrapbook handles all the details: workers’ comp, compliance, insurance, and taxes.

Allison Takeuchi
SVP of Engineering, Product, and Design
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Find production insurance tailored to your film.

Our team of production insurance experts can help you find the right level of coverage for your film.

Adam Darragh
Senior Insurance Broker
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Production is hard enough. Payroll should be easy.

Get pricing details and a personal demo, and see how easy payroll can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the most common questions we get about Wrapbook.