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Mekanism freed up time for their internal team to focus on the job.


Martin Risberg is a Senior Integrated Producer at Mekanism, an ad agency of 200 creative professionals with offices in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Seattle, as well as an in-house production company called Mek Studios. 

From the beauty world to the travel industry to direct-to-consumer brands and more, Mekanism has created advertising campaigns for an eclectic array of clients with its expertise encompassing both production and post-production services. 

Mekanism runs the gamut when it comes to who they work with and what they can do for them.

Recently, Mek Studios, Mekanism's internal production company, has chosen to use Wrapbook for their payroll solution.

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The Problem

Like other creative professionals, the team at Mek Studios quickly realized that the pandemic was no longer going to allow for the old industry standard of using physical paperwork for payroll. 

Additionally, the payroll providers he looked into with digital alternatives were not really digital-forward at all. Rather, they were trying to slap a digital interface onto an antiquated system that did not truly support this payroll method. 

Plus, Mekanism wanted to reduce paper waste and bring all processes of production away from physical materials where possible.

“The few times we did digital with the old payroll provider we were using, it became incredibly cumbersome to not have a system that was designed for digital.”

The Solution

Wrapbook offered Risberg and the rest of the Mek Studios team the alternative they had been seeking with software explicitly created from the ground up with digital use in mind.

Risberg adds that production is a fast-paced affair. The need to have everyone sign off on their timecards and other physical paperwork greatly slows that production. Wrapbook solved that problem as well, as talent and crew can enter their information in just minutes on their own phones whether they’re on set, in post, or anywhere else. 

“Across the board, Wrapbook freed up time for our production department to really focus on the job."

Digital Timecards Save Time, Money, & the Environment

Having to wait for cast and crew to fill out physical paperwork can waste a lot of time (and trees) when trying to wrap and move on to the next job. With Wrapbook, because the interface is easy to navigate, Mek's cast and crew could take care of it themselves, filling our their own timecards.

Project Dashboard Gives Ultimate Bird's Eye View

Thanks to the project dashboard and other custom notifications, Wrapbook has provided Mek Studios with a true digital-first solution. The software alerts them when someone hasn't finished signing a startwork document, if there's an outstanding timecard that still needs to be filled out, and much more. Hunting people down is now a thing of the past.

Business Impact

The Future

As Mek Studios continues to grow their clientele and the breadth of their work, Risberg notes that he has seen several exciting evolutions in Wrapbook’s offerings as well, which only enhances Mek's experience with it.

Now that Mek Studios has found in Wrapbook a digital payroll provider that offers the features and services not just wanted but rather needed by Risberg and his team, there’s no turning back. They can continue turning out the great advertising campaigns that Mekanism made its name on in the first place while leaving the payroll details to the experts at Wrapbook.

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