Union Compliance

Union agreements made easy

Designed by payroll experts, double-checked by veteran paymasters. Wrapbook takes the hassle out of union payroll.

Wrapbook takes complicated collective bargaining agreements—from SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, and more—and automates them.

No more hand-breaking timecards, no more waiting on a paymaster.

Compliance you can count on

  • Tech efficiency

    Designed by industry-leading payroll experts, Wrapbook’s union payroll engine is fast, compliant, and less error-prone than manual timecard calculations.

  • Paymaster accuracy

    Each and every payroll run by Wrapbook is reviewed by veteran paymasters—so there’s always an expert making sure things are done right.

In-House Union Experts

Paul Schoeman

Senior Director, Labor Relations
  • 25+ years of Labor Relations experience
  • Extensive experience negotiating and creating 150+ union agreements for SAG, DGA, WGA, IA and Teamsters.

Steve Dayan

Advisor, Labor Relations
  • 20+ years of Labor Relations experience
  • Served as Principal Officer and lead organizer at International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 399

Patrick Delaney

Senior Manager, Labor Relations
  • 15+ years of Labor Relations experience
  • Served as Business Representative at the International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600

Lon Huber

Advisor, Labor Relations
  • 30 years experience representing entertainers’ labor unions
  • 20+ years experience with SAG and SAG-AFTRA in Theatrical/Entertainment contracts
  • 15+ years experience auditing and ensuring proper compensation of on-camera talent in motion picture production

Take control of your union payroll

See how Wrapbook can transform your production.

Union Collective Bargaining Agreements Automated in Wrapbook

Film / TV

  • SAG-AFTRA Ultra Low Budget
  • SAG-AFTRA Moderately Low Budget
  • SAG-AFTRA Low Budget
  • SAG-AFTRA New Media
    Up to $700k
  • SAG-AFTRA Basic Theatrical
  • SAG-AFTRA Basic TV
  • IATSE Tier Agreements
  • IATSE West Coast Basic
  • DGA Low Budget
  • DGA Basic Agreement
  • WGA Basic Agreement


  • IATSE Commercial Production Agreement
  • Teamsters Commercial Agreement
  • DGA Commercial Agreement

Music Video

  • Teamsters MVPA


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