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Compliance and taxes made easy

As a full-service, EOR payroll provider, Wrapbook handles it all: workers’ comp, union compliance, and payroll taxes.

In-House Experts

Tim Murphy

Senior Union Paymaster
  • 20+ years of commercial payroll experience
  • Served as a senior payroll manager at Entertainment Partners
  • Frequent panelist at AICP

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Here’s how EOR payroll simplifies your production:

Payroll taxes made easy

Wrapbook's payroll compliance software handles the complexities of calculating, withholding, and remitting all your payroll taxes—federal, state, and local.

This includes:

  • Social Security Tax
  • Medicare Tax
  • Federal and State Unemployment Tax
  • Local taxes and levies
  • IRS withholding

We also cover:

  • Regular pay, overtime, double-time, holiday pay, and more
  • Per diems, meal penalties, kit fees, loan outs, and COVID stipends
  • Fringe benefits, pension and health contributions, equity, and deferred compensation

Workers’ compensation management

Wrapbook handles workers' compensation claims and coverage, ensuring your employees are protected in case of work-related injuries or illnesses. You won't have to worry about finding and managing insurance on your own.

Support for union agreements

Wrapbook specializes in managing payroll and compliance for union employees in the entertainment industry, with support for SAG-AFTRA, DGA, and IATSE employees.

What we handle:

  • Payroll support for dozens of complex collective bargaining agreements, including pay rates, work hours, overtime rules, and more.
  • Accurate payroll calculations using industry-standard payroll software
  • Paperwork and reporting for unions and government agencies

Wrapbook handles it all.

Regular pay
Kit fees
Reimbursements for expenses
Meal penalties
Overtime pay
Loan Outs
Turnaround penalties
Per diem payments
Double-time pay
Union pension and health contributions
Mileage reimbursements
Travel time


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