Fast onboarding, faster wrap.

Smart cost tracking, data on demand, and the industry’s fastest onboarding. Wrap happens faster with Wrapbook.

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An all-in-one payroll platform optimized for quick shoots.

Lightning-fast onboarding, automated line coding, wrap reports with a click. When time is everything, Wrapbook helps you make your day.

Customer Success Story

SMUGGLER streamlined their commercial payroll with Wrapbook.

See how commercial production company, SMUGGLER, used Wrapbook to streamline production payroll and crew onboarding.

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Finally, commercial payroll that just works.

Seamless onboarding, real-time cost tracking, and data on demand. It’s payroll the way it was always meant to be.

Invite your crew

Crew profiles for one-and-done onboarding

With worker profiles, your crew’s tax and payment information follows them from job to job, so they’ll only have to onboard once. New crew member? Our smart startwork generates onboarding packets for you instantly.

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Cost Tracking
Automate Timecards

Smart timecards, faster payments

With Wrapbook, you can run as much or as little payroll as you like. Approve timecards, select the ones you want to process, and pay your crew with a click—employees and contractors alike.

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Simplify your Payroll

Hours-to-gross in real time

Wrapbook automates the calculations for IATSE, Teamsters, and DGA against the AICP contracts. We’ll automatically calculate wages, remit fringes, and handle health plan contributions, saving you hours.

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Track your spending

All your job costs, available instantly

Track payroll, purchase orders—even petty cash—all in real time, with smart line coding and seamless integrations to your favorite ERP.

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One platform for your whole team.

No more back-and-forth emailing. With Wrapbook, everyone’s always on the same page.

Real-life experts, at your service.

Keep sensitive information safe and secure.

Limit access to sensitive information and enjoy daily backups with built-in SOC-2 security.

Kathy Bahmani
Director of Trust
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Handle complex union contracts automatically.

Built by industry veterans, Wrapbook’s union payroll engine lets you pay SAG, DGA, and IATSE workers quickly and compliantly.

Paul Schoeman
Senior Director, Labor Relations
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Production is hard enough. Payroll should be easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the most common questions we get about Wrapbook.