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Wednesday, 10:00am - 11:00am PDT

Understanding SAG-AFTRA Agreements with Contract Expert Paul Schoeman

Register to learn more about the most foundational SAG-AFTRA agreement.

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Why Digital, Why Now: A Chat with Commercial Production Supervisor Peter Bunstein

Join Cameron Woodward and Production Supervisor Peter Bunstein for this virtual fireside chat about why the production industry deserves a digital transformation.

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RevThinking: How Tech Supports Storytellers with Cameron Woodward

Wrapbook Co-founder & CMO, Cameron Woodward, joins RevThinking to discuss how letting go of old strategies can make projects prosper.

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How to Keep Your Production Company Safe & Secure in the Digital Era

Protect your company from the inside out with these best practices and recommended security measures.

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Ask a Rep! All about payroll with Lila Nawrocki of Wrapbook

Wrapbook's Senior Success Manager Lila Nawrocki answers all your burning questions about payroll.

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Everything Producers Need to Know About AB-5

Learn how AB-5 has changed the production landscape in California and how to ensure you're compliant.

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