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Wednesday, 11:00am - 12:00pm PT
Virtual Event

Wrapbook Next: The Future of Commercial Accounting

Join us for a sneak-preview of Wrapbook’s newest accounting features, followed by a roundtable discussion of the future of production accounting, featuring Senior Product Manager V Gordon and Senior Director of Sales Kim Berzak.

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On-Demand Events

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On Production: Smartypants Talks Producing Their First Oscar Nom

Join Co-founder of Wrapbook and On Production host, Cameron Woodward as he chats with producers Suzanne Hillinger and Conall Jones about their Oscar nominated documentary.

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On Production: How Picture North Tackles Growth

Join Matt Bobbitt, Head of Production at Picture North, and Cameron Woodward, Co-founder at Wrapbook, as they discuss the future of commercial production, and how efficient payroll allows Picture North to keep up with the pace of their growth.

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The New Commercial Production Agreement from IATSE and the AICP

We’re breaking down the basics of the new Commercial Production Agreement and highlighting a few critical changes that might impact your next job.

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Understanding SAG-AFTRA Agreements with Contract Expert Paul Schoeman

Learn more about the most foundational SAG-AFTRA agreement from an expert on the subject.

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Why Digital, Why Now: A Chat with Commercial Production Supervisor Peter Bunstein

Join Cameron Woodward and Production Supervisor Peter Bunstein for this virtual fireside chat about why the production industry deserves a digital transformation.

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