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Wrapbook integrates with leading accounting and production software, so you’re free to choose the tools you like best.

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The best tools in the business

Don’t settle for built-in software. Wrapbook gives you the freedom to connect seamlessly to the best accounting and production tools in the business.

  • Import your budget from Movie Magic Budgeting, Showbiz Budgeting, or Hot Budget with just a few clicks.

  • Running production accounting through Wrapbook? Pay your vendors with a click using our CashétPay integration.

    Sync production costs to your corporate accounting solution in real time, without the hassle (and errors) associated with manual data entry.

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Stress-free implementation

Activating a new integration? Our team is there to help every step of the way, so nothing gets lost in the transition.

  • Our white-glove support ensures data is mapped correctly and synchronized seamlessly.

  • Switching to an enterprise accounting solution? We’ll connect you to an expert implementation team who will help you manage the transition.

Customer Testimonials
I’m impressed with the API connection to Sage Intacct, and I’m confident Wrapbook is the cutting edge payroll service we need in this rapidly changing and chaotic industry.
Jason Ouaknine

Customer success story

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See how London Alley eliminated manual data entry across platforms and saved time doing so.

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