Saturday, 11:15am PT
Virtual Event
Saturday, 11:15am PT
Film Independent Forum, DGA, Los Angeles

Financing Clinic: How Do you Package a Movie in Today’s Market?

Wrapbook’s Ryan Broussard will join a special panel of producers, financiers and industry experts at this year’s Film Independent Forum in Los Angeles.

With the ebb and flow of money for independent film, structuring the financing for a film can be very unpredictable and frustrating. With few things totally in your control, a perfect pitch becomes indispensable. How do you leverage your project’s elements into an attractive package for financiers and investors?

Film Independent Forum assembles a panel of producers, financiers and industry experts to provide a snapshot of financing today, and offer feedback on select Film Independent Fellows’ pitches. The panelists’ specific and practical advice will provide useful packaging and financing tips for all.

Ryan Broussard (VP, Sales and Production Incentives, Wrapbook)
Jenny Jue (Casting Director, Okja)
Adina Luo (Director, You Have the Floor)
Rahdi Taylor (Concordia Studio)
Andi Wong (Agent, CAA)

Moderated by Angela Lee (Director of Artist Development, Film Independent)

Wrapbook is a Principal Sponsor of 2023’s Film Independent Forum

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