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NYC Film Permits: The Filmmaker’s Handbook

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You can’t film in New York City without a film permit, along with, a host of forms, insurance certificates, and careful coordination with the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting.

What’s Inside

  • An exhaustive list of insurance requirements, bucketed by filming needs
  • Must-know rules for filming in NYC subways, public schools, airports, and beaches
  • Specialized neighborhood restrictions
  • Estimated film permit costs
  • General guidelines for navigating the permit process

Whether you’re a veteran producer or planning your first production, this handbook is a must-have due to its extensive list of location requirements and directory of OTFB's resources. You’re going to want to keep this on your production office desktop.

Detailed filming rules

We cover everything you need to know about shooting on location in New York City, providing every link you could ever need.

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