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Stop Wasting Time on Payroll

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Production companies and freelance producers need solutions built for them. Unfortunately, too many payroll providers stick to antiquated systems and lack proper accounting integrations leading to wasted time and money spent on payroll damage control. Know the signs it's time to find a new company, and what you need to know before the switch.

What’s Inside

  • Highlights current issues with payroll software and what to avoid
  • Signs it's time to find a new company
  • Tips on how and when to switch
  • How to save time with an efficient payroll workflow

Your focus should be running a production, not dealing with payroll. If you're still wasting time fixing payroll mistakes or tracking cast and crew down for outstanding needs, start looking into new solutions. This ebook explores not only how to avoid workflow slowdowns but also the key features that will help streamline the success of your production.

Payroll Issues to Avoid

Payroll should be easy. We’ll run through the signs of an inefficient payroll provider, what to look for next, and how to make that transition.

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