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State-by-State Tips for Flagging Film Incentives

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Flagging your budget for potential film incentives is the first step in making sure your budget is as optimized as it can possibly be. But which expenses qualify for incentives? And how does the process change from state to state? To demystify the process, we interviewed top-tier production accountants and incentives experts, and consolidated all their tips, tricks, and advice into this handy guide.

What’s Inside

  • Tips for California, New York, Georgia, and more
  • Best practices for the most commonly-used budgeting software
  • Commonly overlooked budget items that are incentive-eligible
  • Common pitfalls and hidden fees to avoid

Plus much, much more.

Everything you need to know

Flagging your budget for incentives is time-consuming and complicated. But doing it right can save you thousands of dollars in taxes, ensuring that your budget ends up where it belongs: on screen.

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