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Frequently Asked Questions

While these are the most frequently asked questions by new users, find a full directory of FAQs here.

Does Wrapbook handle IRS reporting?

Yes! Wrapbook automatically handles all state and federal payroll reporting on your behalf including, but not limited to, state unemployment, W2s, and 1099s.

How do the processing fees work?

Wrapbook charges a processing fee based on the payment you're running through our system.

Per payroll, Wrapbook charges .75% of non-union employee wages, 1.49% of union employee wages, $9.49 per loan out payment, $0.49 per contractor payment, and $0.49 per expense reimbursements.

For instance, if you run a payroll that's $1,000 for non-union employee and $500 for a kit fee then the fee would be 0.75% x $1,000 + $0.49= $7.99

You only pay processing fees based on what you process. If you don’t use Wrapbook for a month, year, etc then you won’t owe any processing fees.

What states does Wrapbook support?

Wrapbook supports 48 states, with Ohio and Pennsylvania coming soon. If you do not see the state listed on the pricing page and want an estimate, please email us. (

Does Wrapbook support international productions?

Yes. When USA based companies hire and pay workers valid to be paid as USA employees, Wrapbook is able to quote and provide Workers Compensation and payroll support for international productions.

Does Wrapbook support unionized payroll?

Wrapbook currently enables automated payment calculations for AICP and Independent commercial contracts for IATSE & Teamster Local 399 in the TMZ & travel days. Full national coverage coming soon.

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