Onboarding Employees

Last Update:
March 25, 2022

Onboard employees to your project, allowing them to start submitting payment requests.

People will display either a list of those who have already been hired or, if you haven’t hired anyone, the option to add people.

For those you have hired, you can quickly view the worker name, worker type, and union affiliation. You’ll also find the status of the worker’s I9 and Startwork as well as a quick glance of financials for that worker: what is pending, approved, or paid.

If you click View, you’ll be brought to the individual worker’s profile for the particular project. 

Add Person

You’ll be prompted to tell us a little about the employee you’ll be hiring. Let us know the role this person will be playing on your shoot, their email, name, and worker type. Classification is incredibly important when hiring workers for your project.

For a full breakdown on the distinctions between worker types and how to distinguish between them, check out our blog on worker classification tests: Employee or Contractor? The Complete List of Worker Classification Tests By State

Note: If the person has worked for you previously or fully onboarded previously on a then canceled job, you can hire them as existing by selecting their name from the pre-populated list of former workers. Don’t worry if you accidentally hire an existing worker as new—their account will sync with their existing profile when they start to onboard for their new job.

Accepting the Onboarding Email

Once you’ve added someone to your production, they’ll receive an email with your invite message, along with instructions on how to set up their account. They can create their Wrapbook account using either their mobile phone or desktop computer. Onboarding should be done well before they arrive on set.

Onboarding Outside of Wrapbook

If you’re onboarding someone on your production who can’t access Wrapbook, you can manually enter their information by placing their standard start up paperwork into the Documents section on your dashboard.