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Working at Wrapbook

Wrapbook is a fast-growing software startup.

We are looking for your unique talent and skills to achieve our mission. We aim to allow creatives to focus on what matters & live up to their potential.

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What we're up to

For employers and project based workforces who work in media production, Wrapbook provides digital profiles that facilitate onboarding, paying and insuring workforces compliantly. Unlike traditional payroll, Wrapbook is easy to use, fast to wrap, and costs less.

Wrapbook is enabling the world's very best creative work by empowering producers, creative directors, HR teams & accountants -- and talented cast and crew -- to focus on their great work and less on complex systems and the burdens of compliance & expensive transactional costs.

Applying technology to culture means that we are accelerating the creative work that transforms our world through shared stories, events and ambitious human-centered projects that bring us all together.

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Why us?

Why Work For Wrapbook?

Wrapbook is helping creatives to focus on what matters & live up to their potential.

Working at Wrapbook means you directly contribute to building the tools that will empower millions and their work that impacts billions.

Today, some of the most talented production companies, film studios and events are "crewed up" and managed with Wrapbook. We're just getting started, and that's why we need your unique talent and skills -- we hope you'll join us.

Film Crew

“Wrapbook is an incredible service.... I couldn’t be happier and it likely saved me about 3 days worth of paperwork and the stress... Wrapbook rules!”

- Stan Okumura, Commercial Producer

Open positions

We are hiring for a range of positions between Toronto and Los Angeles.

Please apply for any position even if you do not fit 100% of the requirements. We like to people who have the ability to grow into their positions.