Real-time insights for right-now decisions.

Smart productions run on real-time data. Make better decisions faster with Wrapbook’s on-demand reporting.

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20/20 visibility, 24/7

  • Generate real-time cost reports, trial balances, wrap reports, and more—all with just a click.
  • Review your payroll with on demand payroll reports—all before you press pay.
  • Need more detail? Click through to see the underlying rates, fringes, and payments.

Flexible reporting that fits your needs

  • Get customizable cost and payroll reports on demand. Wrapbook gives you the data you need in the format you want.
  • Send up-to-date cost reports to investors, accountants, finance teams, and more in a few quick clicks.
  • Filter by worker type, department, payroll ID, and more—then hide columns as needed to protect sensitive data.

Comprehensive audit logs, just in case

  • Resolve disputes and complete audits quickly with detailed audit logs.
  • See every change made to every payable—complete with a timestamp, description, and the user who made the change.
  • Access logs specifically optimized for union audits—instantly, anytime you want.

Seamless integration with the leading ERPs

  • Stay in perfect sync—job costs are mapped and pushed to your accounting solution automatically.
  • Keep your team on the same page—everyone sees every job cost in real time.
  • Sync to your favorite ERP: QuickBooks, Acumatica, Sage Intacct, or Oracle Netsuite.

“It’s allowed more volume for us.”

Alex M.
Executive Producer

“Makes my life so much easier.”

John R.
Production Coordinator

“I love Wrapbook! You make this process so much easier!”

Ricky F.

“I love using the Wrapbook mobile app! It’s the best and so easy to use!!!!”

Kimberly A.
Production Assistant

“All in all, Wrapbook is the best payroll company and most user friendly as well.”

Philip M.
Production Assistant

“Across the board, Wrapbook freed up time for our production department to really focus on the job.”

Martin Risberg
Senior Integrated Producer

“Wrapbook has saved at least one day on every wrap process that would have otherwise been spent dedicated to wrapping payroll.”

Alex Hughes
Head of Production

“Wrapbook made managing payroll more efficient in all phases: onboarding, calculating, approving, timeliness of people getting paid, compliance, and reporting.”

Andrew Colón
Chief Operating Officer

“Wrapbook has freed up our in-house production manager’s time. She’s able to run job cost reports and she’s able to produce instead of just focusing on payroll.”

Adriane Maxwell
Financial Controller

“Really is the best platform available. Makes my job a million times easier…”

Sammy H.
Producer / Production Manager

“Let me tell you about this Wrapbook system! Absolutely AMAZING. Omgoodness! This portal is like heaven on a screen.”

Jennifer O.
Production Manager

“You have a lot of self-service access, is the main takeaway of the Wrapbook product. You don’t have to wait for a payroll service to provide you with specialized reports or anything; you have it immediately. You have this detail before the payroll is actually sent for audit review and approval.”

Lynn D.

“It is more efficient and easier for everyone. From your crew to your in-house production team, all the way to accounting—it has made everything so much simpler and easier to track.”

Meliz Yilmaz
Production Supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions

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