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From film, to TV, to commercials—Wrapbook helps you wrap faster and sleep better.

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What We Do

Powerful software, trusted expertise

Wrapbook is a smart production payroll and accounting platform built by industry veterans. We connect your entire team—producers, accountants, cast, and crew—in a single, intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage your entire production.

Two views of Wrapbook in action—a worker signing up for a project in the Wrapbook iOS app, and the People list in another app window shows a full list of crew for a project.
Two views of cost tracking features in Wrapbook—the Wrapbook Budget Tracker view tracks line items and expenses for a project in real time, while the Purchase Orders page helps keep track of outstanding orders for vendors.
Who we serve

Powering all kinds of productions

Wrapbook is the industry’s most versatile production payroll solution. We work with companies of all sizes from every corner of the business.

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“Wrapbook saves us so much time and it makes it really easy, especially for some of the crew that we work with who aren't very tech savvy.”

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Payroll built for production

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