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Tackle onboarding, timecards, payroll, and insurance with Wrapbook, a powerful and easy to use platform for production management.

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Hire employees, contractors, and vendors while we tackle compliance hurdles like unemployment, workers compensation, and reporting. Whether you're looking for a better way to collect onboarding forms, protect your production company from liability, or pay an artist within a guild, we have a solution for you.

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Why Wrapbook

Create a Wrapbook account to handle the entire backend of your production from the seed of an idea to prepping your Wrapbook. Whether you’re making a tv series, a commercial, a film, or running a photo studio, we make your production compliance needs effortless.


Start Work Faster

Go from pitch to production in a snap and save money. Wrapbook automatically generates start paperwork based on your production’s compliance needs, collects every signature digitally, and lets you know who’s ready to work.


Streamline Your Production

Review, approve, and process your cast and crew’s timecards, expenses, and kit fees on one easy-to-manage dashboard. Wrapbook calculates overtime, taxes, and union dues according to your setup, making compliance easy and efficient. Send payments with a click, since Wrapbook calculates your payroll instantly.


And That's a Wrap

Wrapbook automatically generates tax forms, payroll stubs, and detailed line item reports as you run production. Easily access your records to send off to your accountant or actualize your budget. Keep your past production’s paperwork archived on your Wrapbook account, not your file cabinet.


Effortlessly connect your existing tools

Easily integrate your payroll data with the tools you already use with native integrations and ready-to-use data exports.

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Customer Reviews

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4.9 stars on G2Crowd
4.9 stars on Capterra
“Can't Work Without It”

Wrapbook makes all of my payroll and insurance needs super easy to manage. I work freelance and have tons of different contractors and employees come through on projects. Wrapbook allows me to take care of them all with no problems.

John R.
Head of Production
“Wrapbook simplifies everything”

Wrapbook has streamlined our payroll process, easing up many of the labor intensive parts of pre-production and wrap. Instead of wrangling huge amounts of paperwork from cast and crew, Wrapbook simplifies everything and allows most of it to be done from your phone.

Taylor R.
“Crew love it”

I love the integration of I9's and W4's so that we have no physical paperwork to worry about on set. We can keep everything in the cloud, on board with ease and save production time every shoot. we make commercials and with 1-3 day shoots - the volume of paperwork we used to do was way too high. Amazing.

Scott W.
“I'd be lost without wrapbook”

Wrapbook removes the most tedious tasks from production payroll that I used to do in-person such as I-9 and other start paperwork. I love how quickly everyone gets paid, because I can run an actual budget immediately after production.

Stanley O.
Head of Production

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Put more money back back into your project budget by making the switch to Wrapbook. By using software, not man hours, we're able to provide the very best entertainment payroll services for a fraction of the market price.

See How Much Time You Can Save Onboarding

Get your project crewed up and start paperwork completed days before shoot. Save yourself endless frustration and hours of your life with Wrapbook automatic timecards — ever manually calculate a timecard again.


Explore how Wrapbook “wrap reports” can save you hours of time reconciling budgets

Cast and Crew

You work hard. Getting paid should be simple. Discover the transparency and ease of Wrapbook.

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Whether you’re processing your very first payroll or have questions about your insurance policy, we’re here to help! Access our comprehensive Help Center, or simply email your dedicated payroll expert for assistance at any time.