September 13, 2023

Watch: London Alley, Mekanism, and SMUGGLER

Shaudi Bianca Vahdat
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Wrapbook is proud to count industry leaders in film, TV, and advertising among our clients. Our tools help simplify their payroll process, track budgets more efficiently, and enable teams to put more focus on their creative work. 

We love getting to showcase our clients’ projects. Today we’re bringing you the latest commercials from three of our clients in the commercial world. In these spots, London Alley gets a song stuck in our heads, Mekanism brings childhood curiosity to life, and SMUGGLER slows things way down. Let’s take a look!

London Alley

For Illinois Lottery

Wrapbook client London Alley produced this kinetic, high-energy commercial promoting the Illinois Lottery app. 

Through a series of quick cuts, we see a variety of Illinois residents playing the lotto on their phones. People use the lotto app while buying a triple hamburger, playing mini golf, riding the elevator, and even in a candlelit bubble bath. 

The spot functions as a mini music video for the catchy song “Get It.” The track was written and performed specifically for the commercial by up-and-coming Chicago artist Drew the Kiiid. Director Courtney Phillips, who has a background in music videos, lets the fun of the song infect every shot. It’s hard not to bop along. 

The message is clear: the lotto app is there to bring you a little entertainment wherever you need it. 


For Amazon Kids+

It’s possible for screen time to actually be good for kids. That’s the idea behind this 30-second spot from Mekanism

As a child excitedly tells us all the things she’s learned from her Amazon Kids+ subscription, we see her imagination come to life around her head in animated form. It starts with one chicken and grows into a colorful farm scene, complete with a giant rainbow and a flying pig. 

Mekanism created a series of similar ads for Amazon Kids+, each featuring unique animations, or “Brainpops.” Mekanism says: 

“As each kid passionately rambles to their parents about the breath of knowledge they’ve gained from the app, our vibrant Brainpops expand to show the ever unfolding stories that just can’t be contained.”

It’s a clever way to show something that would otherwise be pretty internal: the mind of a curious, engaged kid! 


For Apple

A farmer drives a tractor towing a large pumpkin down a straight country road. The landscape is quietly gorgeous. The farmer’s iPhone tells him to keep going straight for 102 miles. The soundtrack? Ludacris’ “Two Miles an Hour,” a song originally written about driving your luxury car slowly so everyone can take it in. 

SMUGGLER nails this spot promoting the long battery life of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro. Like the other commercials in Apple’s “Relax, it’s an iPhone” series, there’s no dialogue spoken by a human and the soundtrack plays an important role in delivering the comedy. 

Director Ivan Zachariáš and team pace the piece perfectly. We get a 13-second establishing shot of the farmer and landscape before the lyrics even begin. It’s the rare commercial that’s genuinely funny without trying too hard. 

Wrapping up

Congratulations to London Alley, Mekanism, and SMUGGLER on your latest ad drops! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next. 

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Last Updated 
September 13, 2023


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About the author
Shaudi Bianca Vahdat

Shaudi is a Seattle-based musician, theatre artist, writer and social media marketing specialist. She holds degrees from Berklee College of Music and the University of Washington School of Drama.

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