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Dress Code NY Inc. uses Wrapbook to take the pain out of payroll.


Dress Code NY Inc. is a production company that’s hard to fit into a single box. Founded in 2006 by Andre Andreev and Dan Covert, the Manhattan-based company specializes in creating award-winning content for a wide variety of clients—IBM, Nike, Porsche, and Stella Artois, to name a few. Their commercial and original projects include everything from gorgeous live-action content to breathtaking animation. No matter what, though, a Dress Code production always features the brand’s hallmark playfulness and quirky sense of humor.

Dress Code’s unique point of view has served them well. Over the past few years, their business has grown dramatically, and today, they manage a long roster of design-oriented directors and a full slate of production across the globe.

For Dress Code’s Head of Finance and Administration, Cameron Daniels, that means working closely with the company’s production and post-production teams to handle payroll across a number of projects—and timezones—at once. With so many projects to coordinate, Dress Code needed a unified payroll solution that could streamline and simplify their payroll process.

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The Problem

Dress Code’s growth over the past few years has been nothing short of meteoric. But more projects means more payroll, and the company’s existing system was simply not keeping pace.

Completing payroll for just one of Dress Code’s many productions required manual input from multiple people—producers, crew members, accounting teams—who were often spread out across multiple time zones. With projects in New York, Los Angeles, and beyond, the excessive back-and-forth compounded delays, ate up valuable time, and increased the risk for consequential mistakes.

“It was causing a lot of difficulty for myself and for the production crew. Whether it be producers spending a ton of time trying to process their shoot payroll, or me reaching out to their staff on their behalf to get questions answered—it was a BIG headache.” — Daniels

Why Wrapbook?

Dress Code wanted a more efficient solution to manage payroll that scaled with their business—one that could securely and compliantly manage onboarding and payroll. They found Wrapbook, and payroll has been simple and stress-free ever since.

“For us to be able to get time sheets entered completely and easily, without any complaints, and then for the producer to be able to process the payroll in batches effortlessly, it’s very helpful.” — Daniels

The Solution

With Wrapbook, payroll happens faster—taking minutes, not hours. Employees and contractors can submit timecards online quickly and easily, and since the Finance Team no longer had to interpret hastily scrawled handwriting, he’s confident that the information on the timecards is correct. Best of all, Wrapbook gave Dress Code the flexibility to select the payables to include in each payroll batch—payroll can be run for all approved payables, or by department or expense type.

“It (Wrapbook) has given me a sense of confidence that the payroll portion of the shoot is going to be a simple process for all production crew involved.” — Daniels

Run Payroll On Your Terms with Flexible Payroll

With Wrapbook, Dress Code has the flexibility to run payroll when and how they want. All they have to do is select which payables to include, and they can create any size payroll batch they want—for their whole production, a single department, or just one worker. They can even group by expense type. Even better, Dress Code can run payroll anytime—no more waiting on a 9-to-5 paymaster.

Prevent Errors With Digital Timecards

Paper timecards were a pain. Not only did they require Dress Code to keep track of mountains of unnecessary physical paperwork, they also created problems for legibility. Messy handwriting on paper timecards was often misinterpreted, creating significant—and unnecessary—errors. With Wrapbook's easy-to-use interface, crew simply fill out their digital timecards and Dress Code can approve, edit, or decline them with just a click.

Business Impact

By switching to Wrapbook, Dress Code has saved at least an hour per payroll batch, per reviewer. With multiple payroll batches and multiple reviewers on each project, the time saved across several projects can add up to many hours.

Wrapbook has allowed the Dress Code team to put time and energy back into what matters most—growing their business and supporting the creative needs of their diverse customer portfolio.

“Our Producers and Production Crew are 100% thankful we now have Wrapbook. It’s so easy to enter & process time sheets and it is a huge time saver. Win! Win! All around.” — Daniels

The Future

Looking to the future, Dress Code is excited to continue expanding their team as they work with an ever-growing list of clients.

With Wrapbook keeping their payroll simple and connected, they have more time to focus on bringing groundbreaking live-action and animated ideas to life.

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